Russian scientist objected to Stephen Hawking, have called humanity to escape from Earth

An expert on global environmental disasters Alexey Karnaukhov, in part, shared the concern raised by physicist Stephen Hawking that global warming poses a threat to Earth and humanity. At the same time, the Russians did not agree with the hypothesis of the British scientist, that the only salvation for humanity is the colonization of other planets.

photo: AP

Recently, Stephen Hawking made a statement that in the coming century the Earth may repeat the fate of Venus. According to physics, in the past on a neighboring planet was habitable conditions and even able to exist vegetation, but then in the atmosphere of Venus has accumulated greenhouse gases, due to which it became a heated ball which can be seen now. Developing the idea, the scientist noted that something similar could happen on Earth as a result of global warming. In order to be saved, humanity, according to Hawking, you will need to leave Earth and settle somewhere else.

Russian ecologist noted that in the past many experts, including himself, had made similar predictions already in the nineties of the last century. However, Karnaukhov do not agree that Hawking described the script can be called inevitable, and the evacuation of humanity from the planet — the only possible perspective. Environmentalists argue that humanity could avoid the conversion of Land into uninhabitable planet, if it will take all the necessary measures. In particular, we are talking about the transition to alternative sources of energy not involving the clogging of the planet’s atmosphere with carbon dioxide and other substances that provoke global warming. This issue is dedicated to Paris climate deal in 2015, said Karnaukhov on radio Sputnik.

Scientist of Russia stressed that the transition to alternative fuels does not imply renunciation of the benefits of civilization, but merely is a way to save them, while ceasing to pollute the planet. “If we can’t save our Earth from disaster, it is useless to seek security in space,” — said the Russian.

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