Scenario Weinstein: the career of James Franco is falling apart because of accusations of harassment

Another victim captured the Hollywood hysteria on the basis of harassment was handsome and one of the most likely candidates for Oscar James Franco. Five Actresses accused him of harassment. The charges of one of the girls seem more than strange – a film school student Sarah Tiger-Kaplan complained that Franco forced her to pose Nude for a hundred dollars an hour. Here is just a contract which had been prescribed as the fee and the conditions of filming, the girl signed herself.

James Franco. Shot from a film “Good people”.

Another actress in his Twitter revealed that Franco as one of the locations for the filming of new movie (he is known to be not only the actor but also the Director) chose a strip club, and the Actresses were forced to wear masks and appear in front of cameras in their underwear. But Franco did not stop and allegedly asked the girls which of them she wants to be naked.

And if the handsome Franco accused only in such border situations. But another actress (the juvenile) stated that he forced her to perform oral sex in the car. However, as she got into the car to the star teacher, she did not specify.

James Franco has denied all charges. But because of the scandal the newspaper the New York Time has already canceled the event with the actor, that is, to ascertain the circumstances. And most likely, critics warn, the effect of the charges hurt the idol of millions. Recall that producer Harvey Weinstein, a similar scandal has cost not only his career and marriage after numerous allegations of harassment from his wife left him.

On how the scandal may affect the career of James Franco and that could be behind this ugly story, we talked with film critic Ilya Miller.

– We should not think that the scandals of sexual abuse began to shake Hollywood just last year, after the story with Weinstein. It has always been. Hollywood’s a very vicious environment. Who tkni — be sure to reveal any sins. And have been since the Foundation of the dream factory. Will lead a very good example almost a century ago. In the 1920’s, a scandal broke out with the very popular at that time actor Roscoe Arbuckle — fat, who starred in family comedies. He was accused of the rape and murder of the actress. Arbuckle staged in San Francisco a party with the rising stars of Hollywood, after which one of the girls was found dead. The Academy tried to cover up this history, because Arbuckle there was to be another film. But it didn’t work. In the end, he stopped rolling, he went on trial. In the end, the actor was acquitted, but his career was ruined.

– If you go back to Franco, now many believe that these accusations could be an attempt to tarnish the actor on the eve of the Oscars. He was one of the main contenders for the award.

I don’t think so. There are other mechanisms to eliminate competitors, less sophisticated.

– But Franco is very in demand as an actor and as a man. Why would he force someone to drag to bed?

– Yes, he is now one of the most popular in America, people in film, including the female audience. But who would have a few months ago to say anything bad about Dustin Hoffman? Think of famous actors such accusations can be avoided only by those who are now in the grave.

– In your opinion, will reflect such charges to the career of James Franco?

– Certainly. Because America, despite the aura of liberalism, a very puritanical country. Similar scandals had a negative impact on all involved. For example, Kevin spacey is not removed, Weinstein put an end not only his career, but marriage. As for Franco, last year he starred, think, movies 10. I think this year it will be invited much less frequently.

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