Secret room in the pyramid of Cheops proclaimed “portal to the afterlife”

Cavity, previously discovered in the pyramid of Cheops, may be the throne room, which held certain rituals after the death of Pharaoh. With such an assumption made by the experts from Italy, representing the Milan technical Institute. According to them, in the “secret room” is still present throne, which at that to believe, the Pharaoh went to the afterlife.


As scientists believe, as a material for the throne used metals falling on the Ground with meteorites. This is supported by the writing on the walls of the pyramids, according to which the deceased Pharaoh had to “sit on the iron throne”, “pass through the gate of heaven”. Probably, the ritual implied by these formulations were held in the newly opened, but still not studied the room inside the pyramid. About it, according to scientists, is the fact that the room is located above a Large gallery, a corridor leading to the tomb of the Pharaoh, reports the Daily Mail.

The pyramid of Cheops is the largest pyramid in Egypt (its height is 139 metres) and the only one of the Seven wonders of the world, preserved to our days. The age of this building is estimated at about 4 500 years, and it is believed that for a long time it was the highest man-made object on Earth.

For the first time information in the probable existence of a secret room in the territory of the pyramid have appeared in the last year, however, many scientists reacted to this news with skepticism and expressed the opinion that in the future opening is likely to be refuted. However, not so long ago an international group of scientists, which includes experts from Egypt, France and Japan, in three independent experiments confirmed the existence of the previously unknown pyramid cavity. To discover its managed by means of muon radiography. The size of the “secret room” up to 30 metres, making it comparable to a Large gallery.

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