The apartment ex-the Governor of the Tyumen region was robbed crafty lady

Artful lady was kidnapped from the Moscow apartment of a prominent politician, former Governor of the Tyumen region Leonid rokerage more than 200 thousand $. The mercenary made a duplicate key to the box, and for several years was stealing money.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As we found out “MK”, the wealthy family — Leonid Yulianovich and his wife, head of women’s public organization hired a cleaning lady in his apartment in Minsk in Sechenovskiy lane about seven years ago. Employment relationship with 42-year-old native of Kalmykia Svetlana was not decorated. Usually the landlady called the cleaning lady two or three times a week, and she has performed their obyazannostei complaints. Several times the hostess was not missing things in the wardrobe, but seriously began to suspect the maid after lost cash. The landlady rarely took money from the safe and when, once again, cleaned store bills, found that bundles of currency “lost”. The woman began to keep the books and soon found out that the funds mysteriously disappear from the iron safe which is locked and is in a wooden Cabinet, lockers at the castle in the dressing room. Since living in the home, only two — Galina and her husband Leonid, the landlady suspected her, which was seen several times as it puts money in the safe. Rokicka turned to his son, whose office is in the same house, and he set in the apartment of covert surveillance. 22 Dec 2016 year Svetlana was caught red-handed, but Galina did not call the police. The thief offered to confess to deeds in front of the camera and to write a receipt. Convicted of a crime, the woman said that in 2014, the landlady forgot the house keys, and she took advantage of this, making a duplicate. The next two years, with her own keys, opened the safe and stole money, when the owners were not home. According to estimates Galina Raketkoj Svetlana kidnapped her 236 thousand dollars. The lady explained that she had sent money to my friend in Belarus, where she led the strotielstvo house for her and bought her boyfriend a new car and sent the money familiar in Astrakhan and Elista. The thief was given a year to return the stolen funds. Pity, it was quite understandable: the female matlida minor children (one is disabled), First woman returned the money, but towards the end of her allotted time has stopped communicating. Svetlana just returned to Raketkoj 36 thousand dollars. The lawyer of victims has filed a petition in OMVD on area Hamovniki, giving convicting the thief videos.

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