The bus driver, asking people in the transition, was placed under house arrest

The alleged perpetrator of the death of 4 people in an accident at the metro station “Slavic Boulevard” December 25 was placed under house arrest.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

On Friday, the Basmanny court of Moscow has called the measure of restraint for the 58-year-old driver Victor Tikhonov, who is on the bus “LiAZ” has made arrival on the people in the underpass of the metro station. According to the decision of the court he will stay under house arrest 1 month and 14 days, until February 25, 2018. Despite the fact that almost immediately after the incident, the man was in a serious condition hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage, the prosecution felt it necessary to limit his freedom.

Tikhonov was charged under article 264 of the criminal code (violation of traffic rules, entailed death of two and more persons). According to preliminary investigation, the bus was serviceable, but the extent of guilt of the driver remains to be seen: in this regard, on December 12 the consequence has directed to court the petition for arrest of Tikhonov. The accused, however, holds the opposite opinion: when at the hearing he was given the word, he said that the tragedy occurred due to a malfunction of the bus. “Please guide me under house arrest”, – told the judge the man. At the hearing, the Tikhonov looked tired and exhausted — as soon as he was in handcuffs and accompanied by police officers, led into the hall, he sat in the corner and hunched over. But the decision of the judge he listened with keen interest: realizing that he won’t do, Tikhonov first time hearing sincere smile.

Tikhonov himself is a widower, has a grown daughter and 31-year-old son, who also works as a driver in the same bus fleet, as the father. At the time of the tragedy, Victor met with the resident of the village of Likino Irina: she characterized her friend as the person responsible and dedicated work. According to her, the call to work in the fateful day of the tragedy became the Victor by surprise that day it was his day off, but lines are not enough drivers, so I had to leave him.

Recall that the accident at metro Slavyansky Bulvar 4 people died and another 11 were injured.

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“The driver entering the transition did not answer that provoked the tragedy.”


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