The crisis of adultery: the economic situation suddenly affected the family life of Russians

In December last year, the Levada Center conducted a survey in 48 regions of Russia, devoted to the taboo in the sphere of sexual behavior. A similar study was previously conducted twice — in 1998 and 2008. In comparison with the previous indicators, the current survey revealed a sharp rise of conservatism in society. So, significantly increased the number of opponents of adultery, abortion and same-sex relationships.


Over the past twenty years the number of Russians sharply condemning the hikes left in marriage increased from 50 to 68%. As usual, more intransigent to change are women, men are much more likely to reserve the “right to left”. The more militant of our citizens appeared set against abortion. The proportion of Russians opposed to abortion, even if it is due to low income has increased since 1998, with 12 to 35%. Besides, from 68 to 81% increase in the number of people condemning same-sex relationships.

The new survey also revealed the erosion of generational differences among Russians. If the 2008 study of men and women under the age of 31, more loyal to adultery, homosexual relations and abortion than the older generation, but now differences in conservatism is practically not observed. The only abortion, more loyal to their conduct show a resident of the province and the village. Obviously, this is due to the lower quality of life compared to women living in major cities.

Also the sexual taboos of respondents a lot of influence religious affiliation. Since Orthodox respondents who regularly attend Church two times more likely to oppose abortion than their less religious counterparts.

What can be associated with sharply increased over the past 20 years, the conservatism of the Russians, can we assume that Russia family values again are in first place after the sexual revolution of the ‘ 90s, we found out from the psychologist Marina Pylaeva:

“A sharp increase in opponents of abortion in recent years, most likely, is connected with active state promotion of their harm to women’s health, as well as increased religiosity of Russians. Besides, in our time, contraception has improved considerably, this has led to a significant reduction in such operations. In our time much easier than before to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Consequently, many people believe that abortion is not a forced necessity, and promiscuity and the neglect of elementary means of contraception. More negative attitude towards same-sex relationships is also linked to the active promotion in society, a condemnation of the LGBT community and the public aware of the traditional strong family with children. As for attitudes to change, as usual most of them blame women than men. Besides, it is no secret that because of the adultery breaks a significant number of marriages. In conditions of economic crisis in the country, the total lack of money, many people have family values come to the fore. In addition, to survive in difficult times, couples is much easier than alone.”

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