The interior Ministry has denied “a bomb in the train from Ukraine”

Police denied reports the arrival at the station in the Belgorod region “bomb trains.” According to the guards, they found only the old grenade without fuse.


Grenade F-1. Photo: Stanislav S. Yanchenko.

“Information published in some media and social networks, on arrival at the railway station Valuyki-Belgorod region Sorting mined the train, is not true. Law enforcement officials with the scene and removed the grenade f-1 of times of the great Patriotic war without fuse. Threats to the movement of the train, she was not” – said on Friday, December 12, the press service of the MIA of Russia.

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Recall that according to one of the cables channels in the Belgorod region in the course of the inspection it was discovered an explosive device (enclosure f-1 grenades WWII), which was attached to came from the people’s Republic of Donetsk trains. The incident occurred at the railway station Valuyki Screening.

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