Aeroflot does not intend to tolerate – Arshavin is waiting for the court

The network does not cease discussion of the scandal on Board the aircraft with the participation of Arshavina Alice, wife of famous football player. The company “Aeroflot” is going to court to recover costs incurred as a result of flight delays and additional maintenance of the aircraft in the base airport Sheremetyevo.

Photo: Alice Kazmina.

Recall that on Christmas eve Arshavin flew from Moscow to Almaty with children and nanny to her husband. In addition, as the aircraft was preparing to take off, the woman ignored the demands of the crew to take his seat and buckle up. She continued to change the baby’s diaper. Also Arshavin tried unceremoniously to the transplant nurse their children out of the cabin economy class, business class, understandably, was impossible. After repeated unsuccessful attempts by the crew to get the passenger to comply with requirements and written orders of the commander, footballer’s wife was removed from the flight.

“Due to violations of safety rules by Alice Arshavina suffered more than a hundred passengers of the flight SU1946 flying from Moscow to Almaty on 6 January 2018. They were forced to wait more than half an hour and endure the challenging behavior of a footballer’s wife, who has put your comfort above the interests of other passengers”, the report said “Aeroflot”.

After Arshavin was taken off the flight, she sent the stewardess of “Aeroflot” angry SMS: “Wait for a court summons. For cruelty to a child. You will face 2 to 4 years of imprisonment”, posing as an FSB major. Though actually, it never worked.

In this situation, Aeroflot incurred additional costs associated with re-procedures ground handling of the aircraft, as well as fuel consumption. The company intends to recover through the courts with would-be passenger that amount.

In a press-service “Aeroflot” have told us that the airplane bathroom has a changing table, change baby’s diaper Arshavin could later. Why did she need to do exactly in the moment when it was announced that the taxiing of the aircraft is unclear.

Alexander Nevzorov in the “Nestorovska environment” also protested the behavior of Arshavina called such as footballer’s wife “glamorous trash”. The reporter noted that he “was surprised to learn that the flight attendants “Aeroflot” there is even a term “GB”. They shake when I see coming on Board this fool with inflatable lips”.

It means “glamorous trash,” – said Nevzorov. – That’s flight attendants are afraid of these overdressed girls, as a rule, someone’s wives, because when they see this, they understand that now in any case there’s a problem, because acting these girls are usually terrible.

According to the journalist, it often flies “Aeroflot” and knows that flight attendants of this company are always looking for a compromise in emergency situations.

And often sounding remark that there is no smoke without fire, it is folly. Smoke without fire is not generally a problem, – said Alexander Nevzorov, apparently alluding to the fact that Arshavin made a scene literally out of nowhere.

The “Aeroflot” flight safety is an absolute priority. The company explained that the destructive passengers will be suspended from flying, regardless of their social status.

Recall that from June 2018, the airline will get a legitimate opportunity to include offenders in the “black list” and further to deny them transportation. According to the press service of “Aeroflot”, if the amendments toughening punishment for disorderly conduct in transport, have already entered into force, Aeroflot would exercise its right to make MS Arshavina in the “black list”.

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