Birthdays on 13 and 14 January

13 JAN

Irina Apeksimova (1966), actress, producer, Director of the Taganka theater

Sergey Gazarov (1958), actor, film Director, screenwriter and producer

Mark Lisyansky (1913-1993), songwriter, author of the anthem of Moscow

Vasily Serikov (1968), film Director, producer (“Marriage under the will”)

Khristo takhchidi (1953), Director of SIC ophthalmology rnsmu. N. And.Pirogov

Nikolai Khabibulin (1973), hockey player, goalkeeper, Olympic champion

Daniil Shafran (1923-1997), cellist, people’s artist of the USSR

Vasily Shulgin (1878-1976), politician, monarchist, writer

14 JAN

Anna Samokhina (1963-2010), actress and theater actor, honored artist of Russia

Viktor Semenov (1958), politician and public figure, scientist-agronomist

Steven Soderbergh (1963), film Director, laureate of the award “Oscar”

Giancarlo Fisichella (1973), the racer “Formulas-1”

Valery Kharlamov (1948-1981), the outstanding Soviet hockey player

Simon Students (1918-2015), frontline cameraman, documentary filmmaker

Vladimir Yaglych (1983), actor, broadcaster

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