Danish area on 13 and 14 January

13 JAN

The day of Russian press.

1703 in Moscow published the first issue of “Vedomosti”, Russia’s first newspaper.

1813 — Russian troops under the command of field Marshal M. I. Kutuzov crossed the Niemen and entered the Duchy of Warsaw, began the liberation of Europe from Napoleon.

1938 the German archaeologist Wilhelm könig during excavations near Baghdad found a subject who was the oldest battery of galvanic cells.

1953 — in the Soviet press left a message about disclosure of the “conspiracy of the Kremlin doctors”.

14 JAN

New year, old style.

The day of creation of pipeline armies of Russia.

1863 — in Russia, introduced the monopoly on the sale of alcohol.

1878, inventor Alexander Graham bell demonstrated the telephone to Queen Victoria of England.

1918 Council of people’s Commissars adopted a decree on the organization of the armed forces, the Cheka, giving rise to the creation of the internal troops.

1918 — Finland and Soviet Russia adopted the new calendar.

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