Divination at Christmas time from Anna Semenovich

Despite the fact that the Orthodox Church strongly disapproves of the various rites by guessing the future to which the people resort in Yuletide, nevertheless divination remain a favorite Russian pastime.

From Christmas until the Baptism, it is customary to ask the names of late passers-by, hoping to learn the name of the future elect, to throw the Shoe into the darkness and see who will take it, guess what is waiting for us, coffee grounds or along the outline of the burned paper. Of course, all this is just fun for people to have some fun. But one of the most loyal and mysterious divination, which is known in Russia, to try to see the betrothed-costumed in the mirror — solved a few. Popular singer Anna Semenovich told the “MK” as a chance to see the future in the mirror.

“As a child I always participated in all divination with my friends, — has shared Anna. — Liked to guess at the mirrors. Put two mirrors, one large, the other smaller one turned to the other face. Between the mirrors were placed two candles and looked over the top of smaller mirrors. Was a long hallway, gradually darkening and disappearing into the depths. In this deep part must be stared, and after a while you start to see there are various items which determine the future. By the way, it is better to speculate in non-residential premises or in the attic. This should be done with her hair and without a belt. At the beginning of divination you want to say, “Betrothed-disguised! Come to me to dinner!”. Promised that sooner or later in the mirror, there is a person destined to you by fate. I honestly then never came. But the pleasure of the process: from the heart-stopping, from trying to guess what was there in the mirror, from actual random noise, which scared to death, got a lot. Today I divination are playing. Rather, it is a tribute to tradition and a kind of comic ritual holidays. But just in case, until now still wondering. As the saying goes: what if?..

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