Drink water: employees of the court told how the lawyer eat the case avtoledi

Very strange way decided to protect his client from the threat of deprivation of a driver’s license for driving under the influence of the capital the lawyer. Instead of to defend the interests of women according to the letter of the law, the man destroyed the main evidence, and eating them right in the court!

The case, which was missing pages

As we found out “MK”, the incident on the road that marked the beginning of a whole series of comic events that occurred in October last year. 45-year-old Muscovite Alla (all names changed) went with her granddaughter to the cinema at the wheel of his Nissan. In the area Bagrationovsky proezd car was stopped by traffic police. They insisted on “the purge” and the device showed a 2.5 ppm, which is equivalent to drinking two bottles of vodka. The woman assured me that some champagne consumed the night before, but still the police made the report. The case materials were sent to one of the sections of the magistrate in the area Filevsky Park. Alla, which was threatened with deprivation of a driving licence, decided to use the services once introduced himself to her relatives lawyer – a 40-year-old Michael. At the meeting, the man said that he knew the law, and promised in the presence of errors in the records they will certainly identify. Their services it was estimated at 30 thousand rubles, and Alla has written the power of attorney. With this document, the lawyer came to the assistant magistrate on 7 December. After receiving the case file of his client for acquaintance, Mikhail made a show of studying them. But after some time something happened, beyond the law. In the eyes of the assistant referee defender pulled out of the folder and leaves stuck in his mouth! A few seconds later in his belly disappeared, the Protocol direction of the lady driver to medosvidetelstvovanie, and check with measurement of the exhaled air. The woman did not attempt to stop the threat and pressed the alarm button. To the office immediately rushed to the bailiffs, which Michael with a straight face suggested that water captured from a bottle. And soon to the office of police arrived and detained “the glutton”.

It is worth noting that Ala, and the assistant magistrate told the police that before the incident, Michael was impressed by the normal and balanced person. Client of the lawyer said that he did not know about the intentions of men. He did not take her payment, and after the incident has stopped communicating.

Lawyer Michael.

According to court employees, copies of destroyed documents were obtained from the traffic police and they even came to meet one more representative of the interests of Alla. However, this time the review process took place under the watchful eye of the court’s staff. A grief-the driver have deprived of the right to drive vehicles for 1 year 8 months and fined 30 thousand rubles. Very funny this story gives the fact that the lawyer suffered the same penalty in 2015 — he was deprived of his driver’s crust two years after refused the medical examination.

As reported “MK” the press-service of the capital cupola, against Michael criminal case under article “Obstruction of justice and manufacture of preliminary investigation”.

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