Driver in fatal bus Slavic Boulevard pleaded not guilty

Basmanny court of Moscow on Friday, January 12, concluded under house arrest of Viktor Tikhonov – the driver of the ill-fated bus that crashed in the underpass at the metro station “Slavic Boulevard” on December 25 last year, killing four people. The term of a measure of restraint – until 25 February of the current year. Tikhonov himself, however, pleaded not guilty, and promised not to interfere with the investigation. About what the statement of the driver about the innocence fraught for him, “MK” asked the lawyer.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

We will remind that the tragedy that not only led to the deaths of four people, but also to ensure that injured ten, occurred at the end of last year. The bus driver Viktor Tikhonov in his evidence stated that failure of the vehicle. According to the version of the investigation, he first broke the rules of the road and then lost control of the bus. The results of the examination of the vehicle is not yet released.

The views of the public about the tragic incident were divided: some believed that the cause is negligence Tikhonov. Others, citing the terrorist attacks in Europe the past two years, insist that the hitting was done intentionally.

However, in the course of the hearing held on 12 January, the Moscow driver of the bus admitted his guilt is not. The court defined a temporary preventive measure of detention to house arrest: the accused is asked not to deprive him of his liberty, to be able to chat with two young grandchildren. However, at the same time, Tikhonov promised not to interfere with the investigation.

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Earlier it was reported that after the tragedy of December 25, the driver suffered a hypertensive crisis. However, according to the respondents “MK” lawyer of that fact to the court not to be irrelevant, while the denial of guilt by the accused may have a negative impact to the sentence.

– The fact that the driver suffered a hypertensive crisis, is neither a mitigating nor an aggravating circumstance. I believe that in the course of the investigation of the incident this fact is not taken into account, – said the “MK” lawyer Oksana MIKHALKINA. – That the crime was committed and the offence under article 264 of the Criminal code – “Violation of traffic rules and operation of vehicles, entailed on imprudence death of two and more persons”, – is already known. So the fact that he does not recognize his guilt, can only affect the severity of the punishment for the driver. That is, it will be much greater than in the case of a man admitted his guilt, repented and compensated the damage caused to victims, and so forth.

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