“Dvorkovich said the cost of the car recycling fee on cars “in varying degrees”

According to Vice-Premier, the range of index is from zero to 15% and “slightly higher” depending on many factors

– Utilization fee on cars will be indexed “in varying degrees” from 0% to 15% and slightly higher depending on a number of factors, said Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich to journalists in Izhevsk on Friday.

“Is (indexed – if), but to a different extent: for some positions, there will be no indexing for some 15%, some a little higher – where more serious decrease other taxes. We looked up just fixed a little higher index. There are very different interests, all strongly depends on other payments, the state of the market and everything connected with the theme of recycling of cars”, – said the official.

According to him, today “literally a pair of positions, the calculation is reconciled”. “I think the rest of the day will be the document that will go to sight”, – he added.

The stumbling block

The indexation rate of the recycling collection remains a major issue for the future activities of car manufacturers in Russia. So, on Friday the Association of European businesses (AEB), summing up the results of sales of cars in Russia in 2017 for the first time are unable to provide a forecast for 2018, putting the lack of clarity with indexation utilsbora.

“The main reason is the uncertainty caused by the recent changes in the government’s plans regarding the level of increase in recycling collection in 2018 as far As we know, the final decision of the government on this issue has not yet been announced. Until this happens, market participants will be difficult to assess the impact on their business,” – noted in the materials of the AEB.

“AEB will publish its forecast for when it will be a clear framework conditions for doing business”, – said the head of the AEB automobile manufacturers Committee Joerg Schreiber.

The Initiative Of The Ministry Of Industry And Trade

Previously, the newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to its sources wrote that the Ministry has proposed the government to 2018, to increase the recycling fee on cars on 87-125%. Domestic concerns informally compensate for it, so more likely the measure will hurt net importers. But it will catch and built their plants in Russia for foreign companies, while the importing part models (in this situation, BMW, Nissan, Renault, Toyota, VW Group). According to experts interviewed by the publication, the growth of collecting on the background of growth of excises will raise the price of cars by 10 to 17%.

In the Ministry of industry did not lead the indexation of car recycling fee on certain categories of vehicles, indicating only srednevzveshanny size, and stated that the growth of car recycling fee will not lead to higher prices for Russia-manufactured cars.

“Indexing varies depending on the categories and types of vehicles. This takes into account the environmental friendliness of equipment, especially used, and the volume of production and imports. The average size of the index of the recycling collection, given the market forecast for 2018 will be 15-17,5%”, – noted in the Ministry.

The Ministry stressed that for consumer indexing will not lead to an increase in the value of the products manufactured cars “in connection with a substantial volume of Federal budget funds are planned in 2018-2020 to support the automotive industry – more than 125 billion annually, including grants for programs to stimulate demand, production costs of manufacturers and their compliance with environmental requirements.” “Thus, taking into account of the measures taken support the projected growth of the domestic market,” said the Ministry, again without giving other details.

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