Dzhigurda and Prigogine stood up for accused of harassment “stars”

Hollywood once again rocked by a new round of hysteria on the grounds of harassment. A couple of days ago, five young Actresses accused the handsome and one of the most likely contenders for the Oscars James Franco in the harassment. And on Friday, January 12, it became known about excitation of criminal case upon rape against actor and Director Steven Seagal.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

This episode supposedly happened 25 years ago. A statement on the actor was filed by the woman, and in 1993 starred in the movie Seagal. Earlier, in Hollywood, swept a wave of accusations of well-known actors and Directors in indecency.

We learned with the local “stars” who they support and who believe that women who decided years later to spread to the public the details of the attacks on their chastity, or men who of course, blamed opponents in PR.

The story of the Steven Seagal accusations in rape puzzling many. Too strange to think that 25 years later the woman decided to stand up for his honor.

Regina Simons (name the victim) stated that after the shooting, Segal invited her to a party at his house in Beverly hills, but when the girl came to find out that the actor is the only member of the party. The same evening, he allegedly abused the girl. Regina Simons not the only one who “remembered” about indecency Segal. Before that, the harassment he was charged with 10 women. And Seagal is not the first nor the last person accused of harassment.

I must say that the vector of estimates of the Hollywood sex scandal is gradually changing. If at the peak of reproof Weinstein public (and not only) of the person sympathized with the offended women, with the advent of new characters the situation all the more compared to the witch hunt. 100 eminent of the French team, headed by Catherine Deneuve even wrote an open letter in defense of men. In the message they call for an end to the persecution of men just because of the fact that they once touched someone’s knee, or started a conversation about intimate things during a business dinner.

“A number of people wrote in rapists, denying them the ability to justify and defend itself,” the letter reads. The French are deeply concerned that a wave of denunciations can kill a lot of men desire to flirt with girls and try to make the first step to a relationship. “Male persistence or clumsy courtship — not a crime.”

What do you think of Hollywood harassment-scandal representatives of the Russian show-business? Revealed: the best American men sympathize, but in the accusations of harassment provide some background. Moreover, this opinion was expressed by not only men but also women.

Producer Joseph Prigogine:

In my opinion, the girls realized that this topic can raise the hype. But if you look at the situation, that is, exactly in the forehead. And if you look a little further, it seems to me that the harassment scandal is kind of much intrigue. As five to ten years to “remember” that one got under your skirt, and the other one touched my knee? And what you previously thought? What prevents you then to tell about it?

I have my own suspicion as to where to look for the roots of the scandal. And it’s not lust, and politics. After accusations of indecency get men campaigned for Hillary Clinton. And when you consider that it was all of Hollywood, it is also an attempt to sober up a little presumptuous guys.

– Do you think that in Russia the wave of exposures can not come?

For our country, it’s a very complex scenario. You and enough Shurygino and Semenova being talked about on all TV channels.

Surprisingly, the political overtones in Hollywood revelations have not only seen Joseph Prigozhin. For example, singer Barbara also got performances have been subjected to harassment of the ladies with the elections.

– Of course, in its quest to expose and all girls go to far. And it is clear that it is not a natural impulse of the soul. Past few days ago, the award ceremony “Golden globe” when women protest against harassment in Hollywood, came all in black, this once again proves. I think the situation went in a different direction, it is a political provocation.

– But why do you not think that the girls accusations are unfounded? After all, show business — quite a vicious environment. Surely you like the beautiful girl, came from men propositioned?

– If there was, I look at it through his fingers. Everyone has their kinks.

– We can have a wave of revelations?

– I think if we pick up the baton, everything will look quite silly. We have in the country “on hi” men do not absolutely decent offers girls. Just no one pays any attention..

The men stood up and shocking actor Nikita Dzhigurda.

– I’m on the side of men, and on the side Catherine Deneuve and my wife Marina Anisina those, who also signed a letter against the demonization of men. This whole situation is a kind of vaccination that men came together and began to assert their rights.

Because the line that moved the American star, saying that 30 years ago someone hand on my knee to put or not looked — bullshit. To flirt with women to take them aboard — manhood. In healthy countries, if a woman says no, even several times, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want that.

If I hadn’t violated all norms tolerant with my wife Marina Anisina those, I would never become her husband. I’m against violence. But when the same Weinstein blamed for the fact that he invited the actress to have sex, and she agreed, this is nonsense! It was agreed she. Girls do not even imagine what can result from their campaign. Men will start to fear women, and in the end he will choose for non traditional relationships! Have Hollywood the ladies?

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