Footballer Arshavin can be ruined: thanks to a scandalous wife Alice

The airline intends to seek the assistance of Themis and recover from the glamorous passenger and a mother of three children, the costs incurred due to the delay of the flight from Moscow to Alma-ATA. As lawyers say, the claims may also be present and a hundred passengers, and a stewardess, who received threats on the phone. Eventually get quite a large amount.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

We will remind, incident happened on January 7th. Alice Arshavin together with two young children and a babysitter were taken off the flight in Almaty for violation of rules on Board the aircraft. The reason for this was that the woman refused to buckle, tried to put pressure on the crew, posing as an FSB major, and did not react to remarks of stewards, tried to bribe them. Contrary to the rules of propriety a young mother was in a confined space to change a diaper 10-month-old daughter. Odor almost choked other passengers. Although the toilet has a changing table. Therefore, the actions of the aircraft commander to understand it is possible given the fact that he relied on internal guidelines. In his place anyone would have done so. But the public was divided into two camps.

In the future, the scandal is gaining momentum. One of the flight attendants complained that her phone come SMS with threats, put her in jail, sent from a mobile phone Arshavina. The latter stated that the messages did not write it, but a police officer. While the socialite added that requires the dismissal of an employee of the airline, and apology. The reaction carrier was immediate. Mrs Arshavin will be disappointed.

Closer to the evening Friday on the airline’s website has an official message. They say that because of the destructive behavior and violations of safety rules by a passenger of Arshavina affected more than 100 passengers of the flight SU1946. People were forced to wait almost two hours. Despite the fact that the plane was about to take off, if not for the passenger of business class.

They had to put up with the behavior of Mrs. Arshavina that require special attention. Putting your comfort above the interests of other passengers, Arshavin strongly delayed the preparation of the aircraft for takeoff,” said the carrier.

He noted that the delay resulted in additional costs. Therefore, the company is preparing a lawsuit to compensate for the expenses incurred from flight delays and additional maintenance aircraft towing, provision of ramp, unloading the Luggage. Another item of damages was excessive fuel. And it is a lot!

The aviokompanija even would like to make Archivo in the black list, but until the amendments toughening punishment for disorderly conduct in transport, not entered into force.

The lawyer Stalina Gurevich told “MK” that the claim of the airline and other passengers can lead to Arshavina in large amount. But it is necessary to prove, by submitting to the court the documentary evidence.

– The carrier will have to justify their losses due to flight delays through the fault of Arshavina. To submit costing. Passengers also can file claims and demand compensation for them not only material damage but also moral damage. Someone may settle for a connecting flight, burned their tickets, missing day vacation, and much more, – explained the lawyer.

According to her, passengers are entitled to compensation for disturbance. For late delivery of passengers, baggage or cargo in destination the carrier pays a penalty of 25% of the statutory minimum wage for each hour of delay, but not more than 50% of carriage charge, unless he proves that the delay took place owing to insuperable force, elimination of malfunction of the aircraft threatening the life or health of aircraft passengers, or other circumstances beyond the control of the carrier.

The passenger is obliged to pay damages in excess of the penalty established by law or contract, including all expenses, which the passenger incurred due to flight delays: food, accommodation, etc.

– Have received threats to a flight attendant along with other may apply to the court for compensation for moral damage. But I have to prove that the messages come from your phone Arshavina, – concluded the lawyer Stalin Gurevich.

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