Guarantee for the purity of doping Russian athletes took on MSU and its rector

January 12, in St. Tatiana’s day, old style, Moscow state University rector Viktor Sadovnichy told about how the University will celebrate its anniversary and also about what will happen to the oldest University in the country in the coming year. The most intriguing news was already accomplished the transformation of the anti-Doping center in the division of Moscow state University and began his translation of the structures of the Ministry of sports in the University campus on Sparrow hills. “I guarantee the purity of the procedures until I’ve been doing this!” — said Sadovnichy “MK”.

photo: Kirill Iskoldsky

The building, which previously was the Russian anti-doping laboratory, “famous” thanks to the efforts of the notorious Rodchenkova all over the world, desolate. Employees are no longer there, and the equipment is slowly dismantled and soon will be in the campus of Moscow state University on Sparrow hills.

As it turned out, received the order of the President about transfer to MSU the entire anti-doping work, which is still conducted under the auspices of the Ministry of sports, Sadovnichy outset that the work itself will take, but “light up” the building — no. The result is now a heightened pace completes the repair of unoccupied buildings, located just a few hundred metres from the Main building of Moscow state University, where the new lab comes in. Outside the repair is finished, and as soon as a domestic there, transported equipment, “modern, very nice and very expensive,” said Sadovnichy.

In parallel, without losing time, from January 1, began the translation at MSU former employees of the laboratory of the Ministry of sports. The government said the new lab has become a unit of MSU, so now former employees of the old written statement about the transfer to a University. (“Most of the desire expressed,” — said the rector.)

— Anti-doping center, Moscow state University created! — said Sadovnichy. But the question remains, who will head it. I suggested to the Director of the WADA Olivier Niggli, which are constantly in contact about this, such an option, he said. — If you have a strong foreign specialist, who will do it, even the head of the laboratory. And it’s not excluded, it is our General view with Niggli!

There is, however, another important question: how to “move” in the University, together with the same equipment and staff and the negative practices in the use of which accuse the employees of the former anti-doping structure.

— I guarantee that there are no phenomena which blamed the lab and people, the MSU will not be! At least while I’ve been doing! — said Sadovnichy “MK”. — First, designed a special system that will allow you to know everything that’s going on in the lab. Secondly, all staff will become employees of MSU, and this issue of our international scientific reputation! In addition, the doping does not need our country: the leadership of the state gave a clear task to bring order in this matter. The task of MSU is to set up a laboratory with a completely honest, transparent and recriticality scientific principles and procedures. And I gave my word that it will!

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