Gynecologist and undertaker talked about the difficulties of love

It is known that in the sex fantasies of men lead nurses, flight attendants and teachers — that is, those who care for them. And in the female — pop stars, Superman and the oligarchs — those who have their delights, provides and protects.

And is there any kind of activity, representatives of which both sexes are absolutely can not imagine in my bed? By polling the correspondent of “MK” has identified the asexual profession with male and female points of view, and also met with representatives of some of them.

The female version of the ranking of the most asexual of professions originally was the leader of the men from the funeral services. Majority ladies have given to the pathologist, on the second place — the operator Kramatorskiy furnace. Third place in the women’s version of the rating divided gynecologist and a prison guard. The gynecologist didn’t see the hero of his novel convinced of revniviy or slaves of petty-bourgeois prejudices: they can’t even imagine how to caress a man, five times a week for 8 hours examining female genitalia.

But the warden calls an indisputable rejection in both sexes. In female form, he got the male version of the rating — however, only 3-e a place. The third step of the podium a formidable guard over the prisoners was shared with a female proposita, which causes men to go order that, in the unanimous man’s opinion, does not in itself erotic. From the explanations of the respondents, it became clear that the stronger sex considers sexy female professions, representatives of which afraid. And in the truest, physical sense, because professional women, bearing no physical threat (employee tax, women judges and bailiffs), in the men’s list.

Some respondents also mentioned that women police officers, but second place in the hit parade of asexuality almost unanimously gave the woman-the huntress walking with a gun on the game. For men it is difficult to imagine how they go to bed with baby, just shot the boar.

And finally — the main male surprise. The hardest scares men… woman-mother! Of course, not their own and not the mother of their children, and stranger, and if she’s a loner or large. When a lot of children, “mother” is really becoming for women a full second (or even primary) profession. Some men recognize that, if a great love could marry a woman with children from another man, but as a mistress, a single mother or a large majority of men sees. Even if she is looking for adventure. If you think about it, nothing surprising: men attracted woman demonstrating a willingness to devote myself to them. And single mothers, not to mention many children, by definition, in the first place will always be her children.

Find of professions-the winners of the rating and asking if they noticed that the opposite gender shies away from them?! And how’s life in personal terms?

The coroner: “Ladies climbed into the window of the morgue”

Valery for 50, he was imposing a well-groomed gentleman in an elegant suit, glasses, with expensive watches. He is known in the professional world the forensic scientist, happily married, has an adult son and daughter. First, he clarifies the difference between a medical pathologist and medical examiner: first by autopsy establishes the cause of nonviolent death (illness), the other violent, which also include household poisoning — for example, vodka.

— Working days in the society of criminal corpses interfere with your personal life?

— No, but it’s still early and helped. The most romantic period of my life when I was after the 1st course worked as a night orderly in the morgue. Girls you climbed in the window. Ladies in General are pathologically susceptible to all sorts of muddles, find romanticism. And when I was there, man, bravely spending the night alone with the dead, they saw me as a romantic hero.

Your wife is probably also a doctor, once happy with the medical examiner?

— No, she’s art works in the art gallery.

— Wife-art historian familiar with the details of your career?

— Only in General terms. It is sometimes difficult to explain. For example, as the hot summer I got called to a fire that burned down a nursing home. I until late at night worked with the bodies. Then I came home, showered, and dressed. And the wife is inflated: “You, I suppose, with the girls in the country walking, from the fire you smell!” Visible, the smell is ingrained.

In General, in our profession, where so many dead, so much stronger start to love the living. Forensics is a very cheerful, fun and loving people. It is a sublimation that allows you to disengage from negative emotions. Life should be full, because we all have it one.

The operator of the crematorium: “life in the oven”

Following my interlocutor — the machine operator of the crematorium from 11 years of experience. Vasily 42 years old, married and has two children.

— Vasily, how the wife treats your profession?

First was against, but now he respects my work understands that I all life with fire, a day at the furnace. Sometimes coffins are heavy, with the wheels fly off, is the drive to raise their hands and throw in the oven. Wife wants me to shift supervisor, but with career growth and wages have in recent years not… I’m more undercover intrigue annoying. At the crematorium, almost a vacancy, once all the relatives of his pull. And thieves from do nothing begin. Here we have, for example, are forced to sit at the conveyor to the end of the shift, even when all orders have been completed and oven turned off. Although to take the duty duty shift supervisor, but he eludes her, because godfather to our head. And two years ago we were a people of 1st category, respected and financially secure, everyone wanted to join us. Birthdays was out after changing the whole team right in the shop. Now, slipshod work, corporate events and all canceled.

Employees in our sector in General makes a good good sense of black humor and even greater humanity. When so many stiffs in the day after you pass, unwittingly become sentimental, compassionate.

Female hunter: “My main trophy is still waiting for me!”

Checking the fairness of the men’s ranking of the most asexual professions with the question “are you afraid of men?”, go to the head of the women’s hunting club, known in Russia and abroad the female hunter from Moscow, Elena Gorbunova. Despite the male bias, she looks not at all threatening, and very feminine — tall, handsome, red hair, red fur.

photo: From personal archive
Hunter Lena Gorbunova sure man, like the beast, you need to be able to produce.

Men in the survey called women-hunters masculine slayers of all living things, and you probably look like a fluffy Fox…

— I used even nickname was Fox — smiles Elena. — Fur is love, and not just Fox and as Fox hair color, the color was not chosen randomly. In Russia we say: “am I ginger?” Red, so not like everyone else. And the Fox as a beast I respect and love, it is a very clever animal. Hunting it like a game: she is trying to confuse you, to cheat. It’s like a competition — who’s who. Foxes are very cunning, and it is very stable and life-loving animal. Fox fights for its life to the last.

— The stronger sex is concerned that you have a thirst for blood…

— And you know that with a good accurate shot little blood! When you go out on the pity I don’t think. Just as in sport — you have a goal, and it needs to achieve. The beast needs to be mined. If the animal is destined to become my trophy, then so be it. With men the same way.

What our profession does not cause erotic associations, so it’s for the best. Just imagine a man in the forest to hunt, meet him a woman-chaser. And what are his thoughts? Not only that, the mining game will go on the side, so even in the woods for mushrooms to be dangerous… And we women are on the hunt go in order to get emotional release, positive energy, physical activity, but not to the man to pick up. We want to hunt and do what we like and we enjoy it.

— The Cavaliers seem to the lady with the gun is less sexy than a lady in heels. And don’t associate it with home comfort and delicious food.

— Because you can with a gun on the studs. I have rubber boots on the heels. Just there are men who fear women who are stronger than them both physically and mentally. And fear have never contributed to sexual attraction. All sorts of bad words to the hunters, women came up with a weak, insecure men who are afraid of strong women, regardless of their profession. But a smart man knows what to flaunt in stilettos can each and to hunt. I wear heels when I want to cook and I love — I have a culinary education. There was a case when due to weather conditions we were stuck in Yakutia. Much wanted to diversify. Took the permit, got the hares, partridges, cooked. Still remember that this vkusnotischi never ate!

— And you yourself feel beautiful woman in the woods with a gun?

— Everything connected with a woman on the prowl, it’s not just romantic, but also very beautiful — Amazon-lady-noblewoman and a Russian Empress, regularly went hunting with greyhounds. Read notes Pushkin about hunting in the Tver region and will understand that the hunting scenes with the participation of women at all times had a imagination and inspiration men. Not only wimps, but strong, understand that hunting a woman misses no more than the man.

— There is a lack of male attention you’ve never experienced?

— There was so much that still can’t decide who to give preference. From my experience on each collective hunt with my participation are always one or two companions, ready to stand… In our profession, and most of the men around me, respect my freedom and right of choice. Choice choice, but until I meet her loves, about any marriage out of the question. It’s my main criterion. So my main trophy is still waiting for me.

— It needs to be a hunter?

— Not necessarily. Importantly, he considered my hobby and not interfere.

— And the men fear that in a situation in which the housewife may brain with a rolling pin, hunter and gun shoot…

— And that the men on the note — no need to create such a situation! But honestly, the weapons are not a joking matter. This is the subject of high-risk and treated according to the law. Another thing is that there are men who are afraid of panic the neighborhood with a gun. For me it is the weaklings who do not trust themselves. Such a man will never be with me under the same roof though, because the weapons I love and collect it. I’ve got lots of copies. All the weapons I have stored at home in safes with alarm system.

Large single mother “Libido woke up after 10 years of continuous feedings”

I was lucky enough to find a character that combined two of the male antiprotease in one: it is not only a mother but also a loner. But if our male respondents saw Lisa Sinichkina, I think, would be immediately taken back. Although Lisa over 40, she has five children, the eldest of whom is in the army. In the past Lisa has two husbands, and today she is free… and happy!

photo: From personal archive
Lisa Sinichkina, one raising five children, there is no release from the Cavaliers.

— Lisa, admit it, you like the process? Why children you have a lot, and no husband?

— Why must it be the husband?! Five children, of which the last 9 years I raised one, in any case not an obstacle to a romantic relationship. On the contrary, together with the fact that I am petite, athletic and smiling, always inspires in men a keen interest. Get acquainted with me with pleasure, and when I’m dumbfounded by the number of children, at first, like the blind men in the eyes down and conversation quickly fizzles. But I’m absolutely not frustrating, then, just not my people. I was always waiting for the man who will take me whole, whole, with all the children and animals… Even when I shaved my head after surgery and posted a photo in social networks, and that to me wrote men wanting to meet you. I immediately wondered: “you are not afraid that I have no hair and have five children?” And in response to received messages like: “And hair, and children will grow up not scared!” That way after my divorce, I met the first gentleman, whose eyes lit up with delight from the number of children. I then just missed the feeling women, and caring for me men helped me find it.

— How are the kids reacted to this?

— I had a very clear understanding that a happy mom makes the whole family happy. And my libido was not asleep, but rather woke up after 10 years of continuous pregnancies and lactation and demanded close attention. Thanks to your Cavaliers, I saw half the world, and children were sent abroad for rest and study. Thanks to them I have mastered horse riding, diving, became a skipper, learn to sail a catamaran. But most importantly he learned to feel loved and cherished and even capricious. The children were very friendly, considering, that moms should be their own personal life. Where did they get that, I don’t know, but my sons and daughters with pleasure got acquainted and communicated with all those who have been “presented at court”. Dad in their life was enough, so “mother’s friend” does not hurt, but rather complement our space with their beautiful male energies.

Your knights took on financial responsibility for all your big family?!

Someone helped, someone no, but in General the presence of men in my life really inspired me. I started with renewed vigor to learn new things or to do repairs in the apartment: children helped to peel the Wallpaper, and then for one night under your favorite “Enigma”, I could glue a new entire room. I had a wonderful man who sent me bouquets of flowers on the day of birth of each of my children. However, I continued to work freelance for 3 works. I have no illusions: if you children do not need their father any other man, you don’t need forever. But toning novels need me the most. And if relations with new friends become closer and paths diverge, I know this in order to agree new.

Other asexual persons…

Everyone I interviewed gynecologists and staff security prisons, as well as women in uniform (major penitentiary and the ensign suburban HF), brilliantly disproved the myth about themselves. People professions recorded a rumor in asexual, turned out to be positive, open-minded, with a great sense of humor and self-esteem. They had all shown themselves very loving and interested in the attention of the opposite sex.

No prison guard, no PaperSize nor the hunter was not anything masculine. How rude, but just told me the lady in uniform, just build a regiment on the parade ground: “the women men’s work women’s essence should bulge”.

Man, “just looking around female genitalia” I was afraid to meet you in your bed ladies interviewed me, and assured me that the gynecologists — the most loyal men in the world: “In our profession a man is very important to be satisfied, to be able to completely turn off a man during the reception. So all my male counterparts firmly married.”

The Junior inspector of Department of security of the regime, but simply a prison warden said that in his work, beginning very much to appreciate freedom and the best she can give, is the love of a woman.

And I came to the conclusion: those who because of their employment, regularly sees the source of life (the gynecologist, the mother of many children), and those who see its logical finale (hunters, jailers, pathologists, and professionals in the field of funeral services), and are more other to appreciate the segment between them.

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