Odessa Deputy ran away from the anti-corruption Bureau, confusing the window with the door

The vaunted special forces to NAB (the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine), it seems, once again sat in a puddle. This time the detectives left voluntarily came to Kyiv to testify the Deputy of the Odessa regional Council Oleg Babenko. The alleged “Superstock” leaped from the window of the 2nd floor office of law enforcement.

photo: facebook.com

Oleg Babenko (center)

The Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine indirectly confirmed the fact of disappearance of the Deputy. The head of the Department for investigations in the sphere of economy of the GPU, Vladimir Gutsulyak said, “this man is now hiding from prosecutors, from the bodies of preliminary investigation”. The Prosecutor’s office, according to Huculak, taking “measures to establish his whereabouts”. To the question, is it true that this man is the Deputy of the Odessa Babenko, Gutsulyak said, “I can’t refute”.

Oleg Babenko suspected of attempting to bribe of half a million dollars for “unfreezing” the accounts of a private company in which he is the beneficial owner.

Criminal proceedings were opened under part 3 of article 369 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (“offer of unlawful benefit by an official holding responsible position”).

The MP appealed to his followers on Facebook with a statement about “provocations of NABOO”.

Oleg Babenko requires management of anti-corruption Agency or to disclose the evidence against him (video or audio), or to apologize. His involvement in the proposed bribe of $500 thousand g-n Babenko called “fiction” and bubble”.

At the end of March 2016 from the special forces of NABOO successfully left the judge Malinovsky district of Odessa Alex Buran. The judge, who was charged with receiving a bribe in the amount of 500 thousand hryvnias (at the current exchange rate is 30 times less, than gave the detective NABS the Deputy of the Odessa regional Council Babenko), opened in Sauvignon shooting from a traumatic gun. Then freely left the scene, taking advantage of judicial immunity.

Social media users were divided into those who suspect trained by American instructors of the special forces of NABOO in bribery, and to those who “duly” appreciated the actions of Oleg Babenko. Allegedly, the Deputy of regional Council overly worried in the building of the law enforcement body and as a result emotions mixed up a box with a door. That is, the flight itself was not, of Odessa went to the window and just missed by employees of the NABU.

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