“Of course not”: Buzova video posted by Batrutdinova

TV presenter Olga Buzova published photos and videos from guests. Beautiful seascapes, fashionable swimwear, yacht… and Timur Batrutdinov. It’s all staged, I assure you both.

In the published video Batrutdinov standing on the deck of the yacht and talks about the relationship with the singer.

“Dear friends, girls, don’t worry. Well, what Olga Buzova, this is all, of course, rumors. We just took a picture. Me with this girl in General do not bind”, – says the Batrutdinov.

At this point, Buzova comes to him and asks spread with the back of a cream, so as not to burn. “And bring melon. Quickly,” – says the girl. Batrutdinov in a hurry to fulfill the request.

“Yes, dear, of course” – meets “Tim” and kissing the hand Buzova. “This production”, says comedian and is removed from the frame.

By the way, the fellowship of the stars of the screen in this video looks really staged. Buzova is clearly Hamming, Batrutdinov as a good actor is held naturally, but deliberately cute in relation to “expensive”.

Original video posted on Instagram Batrutdinov, Buzova his census with the comment: “of Course not, dear. Everything you say (and smiic-a kiss)”.

Of course not, dear @timurbatrutdinov ? All, as you say ? #Repost @timurbatrutdinov — It’s all true!) @buzova86

Publication from Olga Buzova (@buzova86) Jan 12, 2018 at 9:20 PST

In December Batrutdinov published a provocative photo Buzovoy, noting that it brought him good luck. “Olga, you’re a phenomenon of our time! Admire you! You’re Neo in female guise, to unravel the secrets of our matrix. Everything you touch is a success, contrary to all laws of gravity! Touch me again, please,” wrote the artist.

Earlier, he threatened to marry Buzova, if “the two main singles” there will be halves.

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