Press day is contrary to modern ideology

January 13 — the Day of Russian press. Professional holiday of workers of mass media, which I must admit I do not particularly like, because climatically unfavorable date.


Yes, this year, a warm January. But often in this day it is so cold that to get out — feat. Not can’t come. And we have over elegant dresses to pull all the warm and cursing, running to some “ball press” in the dark in the cold in scarves and breeches, with a red nose and watery eyes.

Difficult corrode in journalists a tendency to bliss. Of course, they can celebrate the holiday with a red nose. But better still with the usual.

In Soviet times, for example, the press Day was may 5th. Sunshine, birds, flowers. No breeches. A dream holiday.

The dream, unfortunately, ended in 1991. Exactly two days after ceased to exist the Soviet Union.

Stopped it on December 26 and 28, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR adopted a decree establishing the Day of Russian press on 13 January instead of may day in the Soviet press.

Now I remember and think, so they burned.

The Bolsheviks, when they seized power, the first thing he adopted the Decree on peace and Decree on land. And the Democrats, when they seized power, the first case was reassigned the Day of printing. There was nothing more important?

No, of course, a certain logic of the Democrats present.

Press day on may 5 was dedicated to the release of the first issue of the Bolshevik newspaper “Pravda”, organ of the Communist party, which ruled the country for 70 years. The “Truth” ended. The Democrats wanted to score more nails in the lid of the “Soviet” of the tomb, that she suddenly again opened.

The postponement of the Day of printing was regarded as one of the nails. Press day had to coincide with some event pre-Communist era.

Historians dug up the first available date — January 15, 1703. On this day, the first issue of the first Russian printed newspaper, founded by Peter the again the First, with a fabulous name “Vedomosti on military and other matters worthy of knowledge and memory that occurred in Muscovy and in other neighboring countries.”

Peter considered the paper an important tool in the struggle for reforms and the approval of the power of the Russian Empire. He sought to enforce in Russia a new way of life that would contribute to its development, and copied what already worked well in more developed Western countries — including Newspapers.

The Democrats of the 90‑ies of the last century looked in the same direction as that of Peter. Repeated for the West. But now our country has another vector. We, on the contrary, do not want to copy Western countries. We go its own way and trying to recreate a specific way of life with traditional Russian values. And press Day at the same link with the acts of the Pro-Western Emperor. Ideologically, it is, of course, wrong.

Objectively the government now has every reason to press Day again to reassign picked up for a more suitable “pre-Petrine” date.

You can, for example, to associate the Day of printing by the first printer Ivan Fyodorov, the first Russian printing house. There is certainly some kind of spring-summer date, pleasant in all respects for a broad journalistic celebration.

And you can dig even deeper: pasirodyti birch bark. The first birch-bark, by the way, was found on 26 July 1951. Why not move the press Day on July 26? A great option.

Times change, and not worth the stupid to support the bad decisions of previous governments adopted many years ago in the confusion. Obviously, 13 Jan is not suitable for Day of the Russian press neither for ideological reasons nor on the weather.

Employees of the media deserve the professional holiday in favorable climatic conditions. Wish the colleagues that he was — and in the near future.

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