Shakro co-defendant, accused of extortion, called manual court and Prosecutor’s office

In Nikulinskiy court continued the trial of criminal groups Zechariah Kalashov (Shakro Young), whose members are charged with two extortion. At the meeting questioned the Warrior Bekmuradova, which, according to investigators, extorted a large sum of money from businessman Lev Garamova.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Began to testify, the Minister of Bekmuradov (the closest ally of Zechariah Kalashov) represented all defendants sitting with him at the door and told the court how he began to engage in security activities and led chop “the Defender”. He and his lawyer made a furious speech about the fact that the investigation did not provide evidence of guilt.

— The court manual and prosecutors manual, — he said in conclusion, eloquent entry. — I am sorry.

— Abnormal psyche of the drafters of the volumes of the case — echoed the lawyer.

The money lent to the injured lion Garamova some Ruslan, which Garamov for a long time did not return the required amount. Resentful creditor appealed for help in chop “the Defender”.

— To meet with Karimovym came his guard six-foot tall, — said the warrior to the judge.

In the course of the trial it became clear that with Karimovym of Bekmuradov met several times, but to return the money, the businessman could not. The defendant publicly called him a dishonorable man. And confirmed that the nose Garamova broke in response to rudeness, and told about the incident the other defendants in the past year.

Batyr fervently arguing with a lawyer Garamova, launched into a lengthy discourse. Thoroughly analyzed the events of three years ago. Every “Yes” and “no” to the question of defence was accompanied by a long preamble.

Also Bekmuradov said about your excellent reputation. “I never had a criminal record”, — he declared. First, counsel submitted to the court numerous merits of the defendant — serviceable army service, awards, a high post in the Union Marines.

Prosecutors have questions to the defendant almost never appeared. Prosecutors have asked how reacted to the actions of a Warrior Kalash. The defendant remembered that the chief was categorical and condemned his action.

Recall Batyr Bekmuradova believe was involved in the tragic events surrounding the Elements restaurant in December 2015 on Rochdelskaya street, where a shooting killed two people from the group Shakra. The defendant denied that he had extorted money, the mistress of the pub Jeanne Kim.

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