“Spartak” – “Chekhovian bears”: a new classic

In Russian men’s hand ball was an unusual January. Revised the usual routes. Shifted priorities. Specified opportunities and objectives. Tie in unprecedented scenes, able to awaken a new interest among the viewers. It’s two pairs of eyes and two voices is assessed by two main expert in the sport in the post-Soviet space, Sergey Novikov and Sergey Prigotovlen.

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Novikov: Key event code of the season — no team Russia in the final tournament of the European championship, which kicks off in Croatia. This failure happened with the national team for the first time. And because in our attitude dominated today by the strictness rather than lofty sentiments.

Instead of preparing for the continental top Russian handball tournament under new coach Eduard Koksharov had to decide at the start of the year the task earthy. In the group stage of qualification (and this is for the world championship 2019) they beat the team of Slovakia, Finland and Luxembourg. But success at this stage — only the first and not the most difficult part of the journey on Olimpiadu in Tokyo. Harder it will be in June — the matches of the knockout round against an opponent from the strongest rating of the pool…

However, summer is far away. And now it is more appropriate to switch to the conspicuous events in the national championship. And in them lurks the hopeful sign of long-awaited change. Talking about the leadership of the Moscow “Spartak” team from birth with the name, but as yet without destinies. I have a strong feeling that this smartly and beautifully started handball history yet paid unfairly little attention.

Prigotovlen: the Story of “Spartacus” is interesting in many aspects. This is primarily a long Saga about the return of great handball in Moscow. Talking about the revival of the capital’s handball was conducted for many years. Who broke the deadlock last season, when super League came pretty team UOR-2, composed of young players. It seemed that this was all limited.

But in the summer, just a couple of months before the start of the championship of Russia, announced the creation of another city’s professional club, with its name long sounded. In the end, Spartak diamonds on the jerseys of players a new team arising, essentially, from nothing, become if not a sensation, but a significant event in experiencing difficult times the Russian men’s handball.

Recruits had to score in haste, with the forest of pine, the blessing far it is not had — in the near suburbs have long grow forest and Chekhov’s “the bear” den, where, after the previous season, it was announced the rate on the young. As a result, the backbone of the Spartacists were the coaches and players that have passed at various times school teacher “Chekhov bears” legendary Vladimir Maksimova. Head coach Vasily Filippov and his assistant Ivan Chugai, players Dmitry Kovalev, Egor Evdokimov, Alexander Chernoivanov, Oleg Skopintsev, Dmitry Shelestov, Alex Sands, Maxim Makarov, Fyodor Selin, Evgeny Trushin, Alexander Villages — all they know coaching the habits of his former mentor and, equally important, the strengths and weaknesses of former teammates.

This gives a special piquancy to the first in the history of the confrontation 16-time national Champions (and if you consider that the bears have become the successor of CSKA-“Sportakademklub”, and 18x) new leader of the championship. The match will take place at Luzhniki Small arena on January 21.

Novikov Even thicker intrigue privertyvaet, in my opinion, the fact that a good half of the listed Spartak ex-chekhivtsi at different times there were reasons for Maximov to enraged for evermore. After all, not everyone went from a “den” for a promotion, not all to the accompaniment of mutual gratitude. So, now these guys have something to prove, wearing a form with the Spartak diamond.

Will be decided on a provocative assumption: and headed “Spartak” Vasily Filippov can motivate a feeling of unrealized ambition. For example, I think that this characteristic of Chekhov igrodelov career spent wholly undervalued as part of the “bears” and Maximovskaya team.

With all the student’s respect Maximov he knocked out of games these teams and stylistically, and, if anything, antropometricas. Technology, ingenuity and invention clearly prevailed in the game handwriting Basil. But they also, paradoxically, made him the “player of the situation,” overshadowed with a more thorough and obedient coaching hand guard — Vitaly Ivanov. By the way, today’s assistant Maximova! And this is also perceived in anticipation of a landmark meeting of the leaders of the champion as serving hot…

Prigotovlen: Well, because the chekhivtsi also have something to prove. Replacement of veterans of youth – yet, except for single matches, looks unconvincing. Can not adapt Maksimovskaya vision of handball playmaker Igor Karlov and linear Denis Vasiliev, who succeeded Krasnodar and Astrakhan residence at Moscow. Often smears from a killer position right at the Dmitry Kornev. After the departure of “Spartacus” Alexander Chernoivanov gaping breaches the centre of defence. Left rides again Dmitrii Santalov alternates bright matches with consistency which is understandable: he was the only miner in that position, and he did not stand up physically, often fades away in the end. Realizing this, Maximov has taken emergency measures during the winter hiatus has signed a contract with a very promising left backs mark Sergey Kosorotov, clearly manifested itself at the recent world youth Championships and as part of the UOR-2. In addition, the injured main goalkeeper “bears” Dmitry Pavlenko. However, such an attack is caught and Spartacus — they also lost, apparently, to the end of the season the main goalkeeper Nikolay Sorokin.

Novikov: the loss of the former flagship chekhivtsi take reasonably to be attributed to these circumstances complicate their lives. But even with this background of flight to the top of the table, another team that assembled an emergency coach is a rookie over the offseason summer, completed the acquisition already in the championship race (invitation of Alexei and Alexander Peskov, Urbameco) and rebuilt fit for the leadership game — it is unconditional bid for the plot by Hollywood patterns.

Certainly there are evil tongues, ready doomed (and perhaps not without reason) to cancel the current Spartak luck on dull General background of men’s Superleague. But obviously more productive to look in the handball history analogy, encouraging “Spartak”. And they are easily found! And in all senses nearby.

Fifteen years ago, in a similar way, with a mark of absolute zero in Brest, Belarus, started the project of the club named after Meshkov. By the way, the basis of recruitment there was taken the return of strong players-legionaries. Spartak Moscow are partly copies the trend of inviting foreign clubs experienced pilgrims – Villages, Evdokimova, Peskov, Sorokin.

In closer past (ten years have passed) in the Ukrainian Zaporozhye quickly redeveloped with ladies on men’s specialty local handball brand Motor.

The first seasons of those teams-the new building of the gold, however, is not steel, but the leading role in the national leagues they came quickly and confidently. And today the BGK and Motor — perennial Champions of Belarus and Ukraine, recognized by the handball authorities of Europe, regularly supporting the brand in Europe. To the playoffs of the Champions League they hold the course and now.

Prigotovlen But “Chekhov bears”, in contrast with their neighbors, the Champions League failed. Ten games suburban handball players have won just two wins, one match ended in a draw and with five points won in the last, sixth place, ignominiously ending the European season.

Before the new year break Moscow club altogether surprised. After a draw with the St. Petersburg “University-Neva” was followed by a sensational defeat in Snezhinsk from living at the bottom of the table “Angola”. In the end the gap the undisputed champion from not returned yet defeats “Spartak” has lost points reached three. That is, in the case of failure in the upcoming game team Maksimova will significantly worsen the chances for first place in the main stage, and it provides an important advantage in the fight for the championship in the games of the knockout round.

It’s funny that right after the New year, both teams departed for the training camp in Sochi and by force of circumstances were there on the same basis and in the same hotel. They are sensitive according to schedule, changing one another in game and exercise rooms, in the restaurant. The guys are friendly, with jokes, rhymes to communicate, but the doors behind him shut tight.

Yes, the work is aimed at the final and decisive part of the season. And at the same time, I suppose: rivals tenaciously kept in mind the imminent get-together, purposefully preparing for it. The conditions are absolutely equal. Watched with interest, whose coaching staff will work more productively.

So looking forward to January 21 and because of the selected by the staff of “Spartak” the address of the match. In early childhood, in the early 60’s, several times had the opportunity to watch handball at the Luzhniki Small arena, then still without a roof and glazed galleries. And in 2002, supported our men’s team on the podium of the Palace of sports. The then President of the Union of handballers of Russia, the unforgettable Alexander Borisovich Kozhuhovo managed to get to Moscow Intercontinental Cup with a worthy at the time a prize Fund. Fifteen years ago, the tournament brought in a good audience. I want to believe that this will happen now. The arena is beautiful, with comfortable, years of proven logistics, and time.

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