St George’s day medicine

As in the old fortress years in St. George’s day farmers went from “poor” villages to look for “good” and in today’s Russia in the final of each year, each can change the clinic, which is attached to: not satisfied with this — will go to another, and unskilled practitioners may kick myself, let them be punished ruble — already-six thousand, put the patient for comprehensive medical care, will move with him to a more attentive and knowledgeable specialists.

photo: Alex geldings

Funny? And tragic! Six thousand for everything! What you can do with the money? What foci to identify? But there are miracles. Which people since time immemorial trusts. Suddenly someone’ll get lucky and he will be among the student doctors. No, the overwhelming majority of a year will exclaim here to you, grandmother, and Yurev day! And go in search of the best medical share.

Not the clinic must change, and the system.

Before and now

They used to say: citizens, your health is important for the state, will feed you with quality products, we’ll treat you and prophylactically to protect.

Now saying your own business — to be healthy or to be sick. There are forces — make your way to the doctors. No power — die without you dispense.

Well, the question of food is a problem of trading, they all claim.

This position generally coincides with a global trend: do not attempt to repair broken appliances, and throw it in the trash and buy a new one. But we’re the birth rate, that is to say the reproduction of these new devices for the convenience of the ruling class, also at a low level, the maternity capital was not capital ensure the establishment of a sufficient number of servants.

Crafty statistics

Write: in cities where the air is poisoned, people are living longer than in villages where the air is clean. Paradox! But this is a trick for fools, it is clear: in the villages there are no medicine.

Write (another paradox!): the residents of the capital, where the air is polluted stronger than in the suburbs, live longer. But in the center is inhabited by those who have cottages, country houses, they spend most of the time.

Report that carried out a unique operation on the heart five-month-old baby. And conclude: our medicine has reached unprecedented heights. Back to back with the report comes the announcement that another baby needs a million for a similar operation in Germany.

How to map how to understand the symbiosis: either we still have not achieved the stated heights or not all compatriots have the opportunity to pateritsa elite on the operating table. Either someone needs a noisy charity event, or need the money that these actions bring.

But somebody needs to think before embarking incompatibilities in the air!

Small chance

In the hospital’s negligence (white or greenish apparel negligence) killed a Gypsy, born of the twins was left without a mother. The husband does not work, care will fall on the shoulders of the father of the deceased, the old man will have to pick up the crumbs and another, slightly older child. With Gypsy extorted 100 thousand for caesarean section. Maybe if I wasn’t a Gypsy, it would be more humane. Above family, telling about her death, openly laughed. Gypsies were going to sue. But they be awarded? Will resurrect the dead? It’s not about medical qualifications and about the human, as they say, the factor. No mercy, no compassion to those who are called to care about the future. Solid carelessness and equally impenetrable surrounding uncontrolled grief… And mostly paid higher (including medical) education. Small chance for genuine talent to break through to the people who need them.

The return of the Leninist norms

Lenin did not indulge in tobacco. And alcohol. Except that was involved with women.

Stalin smoked a pipe. And drank “Khvanchkara”. And bathed in blood.

Brezhnev, while he was not banned, Smoking like a chimney. Drinking. Knocking dominoes. Collected order.

Putin is closer to Lenin. Does not smoke. Does not go to “driving goats”, and the nightly feasts prefers Night hockey League. Tchotchke on display is not burdened. How can you be happy with this leader?

What is troubled times?

This is the time when the lost criteria and benchmarks, broken and beyond repair rules in force and observed by the previous generations. It doesn’t matter what the written and unwritten these postulates were far from perfect, but they proclaimed and understood in everyday communication. Now they are not, everyone feels uncomfortable (understatement) and anxiety, not knowing to what shore to swim.

Resort to blatant not-so-old example: combat “enemies of the people”. All afraid to fall into this category and fall under the ice rink. But the line was clearly enunciated and clear (at least to most). Now enemies — who is this? Foreign agents? Theatre Directors? Ministers and governors? Well at least the common people is not very touch.

If it is about the fight against corruption, then there are the more obvious candidates for prosecution. If you are talking about incompetent — do not consider listening to you idiots and don’t try to convince them that a former bodyguard master-class in all respects and on all hands and the ability to manage entrusted to them by the scraps of the state is not worse than the cooks. Well, if talking about personal devotion to the leader — then do not play the dyuymovochek and don’t play in the democratic sandbox. Decide: are we in socialism? Then get social benefits. In capitalism — they provide freedom of entrepreneurship. The transitional period? So go on, not Petites!

Not overgrown popular trail

Tolerant European democracy is unquestioned hard not only to raze the graves of their ancestors Hitler land, but also to uproot the memory of the ancestors of his henchmen. That shade of thought arose about a possible pilgrimage to these Holy relics. To the citizens clearly saw the butchery impossible, condemn, condemn! Because the plague Bacillus can break out of the grave and cling to deadly infect.

We have opposite options. Multiply the Pantheon of murderers, they pave state people’s trails.


The term “inflation” has become a distracting gimmick in the Mulet for the doomed to the slaughter of a bull. And at the same time soothing manna. This juggling trick, — a panacea and salvation from all ills. “Inflation was lower…” “Inflation rose…” In this regard, make optimistic statements. And encouraging forecasts. We need to forget about this trick! The bottom line is that prices are rising, but wages do not. That’s the simplicity of what is happening. The rest leave to the experts.

Over the precipice. And the rye have not sow…

What global economic or foreign policy successes can argue if there is no ground on which any accomplishment can grow: people do not have the most basic and necessary to maintain a languishing life, they can’t afford any tolerable subsistence, or preservation of health — self-medicate because it is not possible to get to the doctors. Hanging over the abyss, continuing to talk, how far advanced in overcoming the crisis and international victories.

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