The chief “sailor’s silence” to testify in court about the VIP cameras

The chief “sailor’s Silence” (jail recently was associated only with scandals) Vladimir gave a Scrap on Friday, January 12, in the Moscow city court to testify as a witness in the case against his subordinates. Formally, it considers the Transfiguration of the court, but due to the large number of participants, the hearing is held in the main city temple of justice.

The defendants — former chief of operations and simple operatives, accused of extorting money from “sweet rolls” (so called arrested businessmen). This is the previous part of the operatives “Matrosskaya Tishina”. And current, we recall, was fired a few days by decision of the Director of the Federal penitentiary service of Russia after the scandal with the VIP-chambers.

What kind of attack happens with the operas of the legendary insulator — found out “MK”.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

The chief “sailor’s Silence”, it is necessary to think of the last time he is tired of scandals. Him and then have to write explanations, to give testimony to investigators. Every time he stays away from accusations — “it was not, not involved, not know.” At trial, Scrap was visibly nervous, was bound, was often asked, answered so quietly that even the judge (she was closest to him) noticed that can’t hear.

They were all good workers in their service claims, as the leader had said a Scrap, when he was asked to describe subordinates. Among them — the former chief of operations of the detention center Mikhail Zakharov, a senior operative Anton Devyataev and operatives Valentin Zudin and Paul Petran. All are accused of extortion (article 163 of the criminal code) and abuse of power (article 286 of the criminal code) — according to investigators, in conjunction with criminal elements, extorted from the rich prisoners money. Near former jailers in the dock to sit criminal authority Eldar Vekua and his girlfriend Fatima Nifontova.

Amazingly, the essence of the court meeting exactly like the current recent situation in “the Sailor”. The Prosecutor and then they were asked how some prisoners are in good cameras, the other bad, who is responsible for the translation from cell to cell, can a prisoner change “residence” as punishment for something, etc.

— If I did not sign the document on the translation, so translation was not, says Scrap. And recovering a transfer was illegal.

— And who could without your knowledge to do it? — says the Prosecutor.

— I don’t know…

The main victim in this case Mikhail Zakharov (full namesake of the former head of operations) were transferred from normal cameras in hell that he agreed to pay a “ransom” for $ 10 million. Any securities are affected.

— How could the authority Vekua call from the gym of the detention center to the mobile phone of father Zakharova threats? — says one of the lawyers operatives.

— There is permitted and non-permitted telephone communication, says Scrap. And finally, straight answers: — I do on those calls is not known.

During the meeting it became clear and interesting details in General about the activities of the detention center. So, by 2016, none of the employees was subject to inspection, that is able to carry in isolation of anything. In the investigation offices have installed video cameras and other technical equipment for operational-investigative activities. Did the representatives of “certain services” (name the acronym “FSB” throughout the process Scrap was afraid). From his testimony was that he generally knew little about “the secret life of jail” and thought that it was “within the law”.

— When they put me in the press hut “Matrosskaya Tishina”, — says the prisoner, a well-known racer and blogger Eric Kituashvili, I even thought about suicide. The feeling was that this horror no way out. After treatment in the PMC brought me into the office Clocca, we talked to him. But there was a feeling that he does not solve anything in this mess.

— Scrap — an interesting example of a leader who wants out of the line of fire, please “and ours, and yours” — said on condition of anonymity, a prison expert “MK”. — He is afraid to refuse the curators from intelligence services that would have had those ask (even if those requests are clearly illegal). He does not quarrel with the authority and turns a blind eye to their accidents. And those and others eventually did in “sailor’s Silence” that they want. The real power was with them. But operatives have always been waiting in the wings and those and others. In the end, Opera was the only “scapegoats”.

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