The police did not detain drunk deboshirki, brawling under her Windows all night

Residents of high-rise buildings in Tyumen are in a situation that many have encountered more than once: the night they were not allowed to sleep, the woman who arranged the dancing to loud music in the courtyard. Police responded without much enthusiasm – the outfit DPS on the call arrived, but preferred to listen to speech from afar.


The outrageous story was told by a local resident Elena. She has published on Youtube a video which shows how a woman in the night dancing in the courtyard by the light of car headlights. The sound is muted, so the atmosphere of the record passes not completely.

Elena believes that the woman dancer was drunk and “added” in the process. “Echoes from the music thundered throughout the yard, sleep was impossible. Different songs sounded like “For you dowry give” all in the same spirit,” he complained involuntary spectator and listener “of the play” the woman, says

Debauchery arrived on a luxury BMW X-5. Apparently, she was trying to attract the attention of the owner of the Mercedes parked there periodically pushed the car, forcing to work the alarm, honking the horn itself. Went out only to relieve themselves.

Residents of the house, which it was difficult to sleep, to calm the busy lady did not, relying on the police. “The staff was funny, it was reported that “well, we will pass the information””, – told Elena. According to her, the traffic police squad came, but stayed at a distance and the woman was not arrested. Elena explained that I would be able to attract deboshirki only when she sits behind the wheel. Another legitimate reason not was found, and a concert under the Windows lasted until nine in the morning.

In the local police Department, meanwhile, reported on the audit. The collected materials there promised to transfer to the administrative Commission of the Council of the district. But the villagers have to guess, they won’t do again lover night of dancing to them in the yard.

Note that sometimes the police is much more considerate. This convinced the resident of Perm, who police noticed in the cold without coats and hats.

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