Through the thick brushwood

While evil tongues assert that the government is packing his bags, preparing for the March presidential elections it calmly and confidently continued to work, taking crucial decisions that look far into the distance.

photo: Ivan Skryplev

As you know, in January and February, and even early March the grass is not growing, and in the meantime before the New year, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree about the need to mow the grass.

Of course, what the grass needs from time to time to mow it, everybody knows. At least in order to make it grow better. The British won their lawns for two hundred years mow.

Cimus of the decision is not that, although eve and came to our country, their foreign Minister, Boris Johnson and could something waft — the amendments made by the government in fire prevention rules require land owners to regularly clean up the garbage and mow the grass.

If such a resolution was signed on the eve of the now concluded Year of the environment, then maybe nobody would notice, it would be lost in the paper flow. And so it begins to bring on all sorts of thoughts in addition to the presidential election campaign.

The most interesting thing about this story is that the waste that is generated in the forest in the form of fallen trees and is often the cause of forest fires, are we citizens forbidden to gather. More precisely, it can be done, but you need to sign a contract of sale with the local forestry.

In 2016, the Federal forestry Agency has published a guidance letter in which he explained: the assignment located on the lands of the Forest Fund of residues should be considered as theft and is punishable by administrative or criminal penalties.

It seems that after these instructions, threatening numerous fines and even a real sentence, many people simply do not risk to collect the branches, and then just walk in the woods, because the so-called impassable and windfall trees there now simply can not go. The forestry does not remove them, perhaps waiting for it will make those who need to go home to light the stove.

Say now developed amendments to the Forest code that will allow to collect in the forest the fallen trees. But like everything came to a halt, leaning to the notion that such dead wood. It’s a pity because good just give.

Indeed, take, for example, bumps. They belong to a brushwood or not? And also because it is a value. If the wood can stove in the village of flushing, or make of them something, and out of cones, you can build some chuchelko, cover it with varnish and sell in the market.

I wonder, incidentally, happens: when he forbade the dead wood to collect, I know what it is and how to resolve it — so nobody remembers.

Actually, by this logic, and with those who collect the garbage in cities is also a great cost need to take, there’s a whole periodic table! And how many valuable materials — glass, paper, polyethylene, and plastic. This plastic can, for example, the synthesis gas to obtain, where the Germans fought in the Second world war. And technology are there, but they do not matter, like sorting trash. Not to mention the fact that polyethylene some even granules of rice manage to do what newly vigilant consumers of rice signaled to the CPS.

That is because some miscellaneous debris we have found. In the city to clean it up, persuade, forbid in the woods and in your garden make.

Although in the latter case, all the normal people are. And what to do with garbage in cities or in the woods for a Year of ecology and decided.

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