UFC in Russia — reality: the first tournament will be held in Moscow in autumn

For fans of the mixed single combats of Russia, there is a really good and long awaited news: the UFC in the country to be. This event is scheduled for mid-September, and the historic arrival of the best organizations of the world in Moscow confirmed the number of sources.

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The UFC tournament in Russia until recently was considered a utopia. No, it was very expected, but too many “but” stopped the organization from arriving in a new place.

First, when the abundance of Russian fighters in the division, a big star you can name only one person, Habib Nurmagomedov. To build the tournament in the country around one — too big a risk. A number of heroes, where people will go and buy tickets. Now to this list were added Alexander Volkov, who rapidly broke into the top heavyweights and that’s it, yeah knocking at the title door. There are still mayrbek taysumov, who leads a series of five victories in a row by knockout, Rustam Khabilov (also five wins, but solutions), Alexey Oleinik, who though lost recently, but is on the 11th place in the rankings, plus a couple of new guys signed — Magomed Bibulatov and hajimurad of Antigua. For the General public, these names are unlikely to mean something, but they are in the top 15 of their weight classes not just.

Problem number two: the television contract. In America, the channels have to pay to get the opportunity to broadcast the tournaments in Russia — a bit the opposite. It is unknown whether or not this question now, but I think the last frontier to the final statement would be this.

The third problem and the main problem of Russian martial arts — tournament tickets. Recently, the situation changes slightly and the people began quietly to buy them, instead of looking at the theory of five handshakes, how to get to the tournament. But in any case, the average price of the event the UFC — will be significantly higher than our peers. Are the fans to pay about 5 thousand rubles to sit in the gallery — question.

How much are you willing to pay for the UFC in Moscow?
Guys from other cities – are you ready to come fly on it?#mma #ufc #UFCRussia

— Alexey Safonov (@from_safonov) 12 of January 2018.

Now specifically about the future. The first source confirmed to me the information that this is not just another “blah-blah”, of which there were plenty, but the real plan is to organize a tournament in Russia. In the network appeared information about the fact that “Olympic” in Moscow was booked for September 14-15.

Sources in the sports complex, I also confirmed it, but with a caveat — this is the preliminary reserve, but the final and official at the moment.

If you imagine that it is a fait accompli, the hands may be following.

Khabib Nurmagomedov expects to fight in April then in September. Dates agree, and not only clear rivals. If the spring will fight with Tony Ferguson, in case of victory can loom a fight against Conor McGregor, who supposedly still summer said about the willingness to fight in Russia. While it’s fantastic that due to the fact that we are definitely going to be a complete failure at selling the PPV (Yes, in the US pay money just to watch the tournament on TV), the tournament is unlikely to be wearing a “numbered” character — which has a system of PPV (pay and look). And Conor McGregor, with a percentage of sales, just will not take part in this — the main star of the promotion is not profitable bluntly put, if one is to look down and make impossible.

But then you can imagine and close to the Russian realities of the situation: our lovers in MMA oligarchs and patrons, on whom everything rests. I do not exclude that in the UFC unable to guarantee that they definitely will earn even if sales of the translations are bad. And then, Yes, fantasy can become a reality.

Still as a variant: McGregor deprive of a title of the champion of UFC, Habib finds out the relationship with Ferguson, and then (again, if you win) holds first defense of the belt in Russia.

Well, finally, and I was confirmed in the Olympic that the plan is the reservation of the arena on 14-15 September from the UFC. Only official announcements no.
Also one of the sources told me that this is not just another “blah-blah” and the tournament really is.#mma #ufc #UFCRussia

— Alexey Safonov (@from_safonov) 12 of January 2018.

It is obvious that the second principal defendant in the tournament in Moscow should become wolves. As far as I know, he plans to fight in the spring, and the timing, again, next fight in September would look perfect. First, conditional conditional confrontation with Fabricio Verdum in the conventional April — exactly would be the status of the candidates, and if successful, for us the situation in autumn to actually see the battle for the title.

Two options for the tournament in Russia — a little fatty, of course, for the first time, but why not? Again, with all the guarantees.

Add to this the card of all Russian fighters who do not give a visa to the United States, young avenues and get the full “Olympic”. It is unlikely it will open at full capacity (35 000), but a good half.

However, it is not entirely clear who in Russia would carry out doping control, as RUSADA even temporarily deprived of accreditation, and USADA testing in the United States. However, this issue is probably solved.

So stock up patience. While the official announcement and the announcement was not, but, apparently, only a force majeure will prevent this from happening.

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