“Victory” became the most attractive prices airline of the year

Low-budget airline “Victory” is recognized as the price leader in 2017, according to independent research most popular travel OneTwoTrip. Experts have made a rating of Russian airlines by average ticket cost for economy class in 2017. On top of the list with the lowest price in both domestic and international routes were “Victory”: the cost of the tickets were 30% below the average domestic carriers for flights in the country and 50% less for flights abroad.

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As noted in the study, the average cost of tickets purchased for domestic flights from cities of Russia made 10 181 rubles in 2017, this is 7.5% less than last year. The experts stressed that the price of tickets for domestic transport are reduced in 2014. On international flights the ticket price was 20 948 rubles, which is also less than in 2016 by 12.3%. The downward trend in prices in recent years linked mainly with a surplus of available capacity on the background of stagnation of passenger traffic, the study said, and with the advent of low-cost airlines, in particular, “Victory.” Other factors for the decrease: distribution of sunk and bezbashennyh rates, increasing the supply of mass destinations, the opening of the Russian airlines new international routes, their use of new marketing tools.

“In 2013 the average ticket price on domestic routes declined by 20%. This is a significant change that today is one of the drivers of passenger growth along with improving economic situation and the incentive to increase the frequency of air mobility of the population. The pricing policy of airlines is influenced by both the number of unforced trips, typical castledawson passengers and the number of travelers in General, forcing to reflect on the journeys of those who previously spent their free time at home or use ground transport”, – comments the Director of development service OneTwoTrip Arkady Gines.

As for the airline “Victory”, then in 2016 it has become a price leader on most routes. The experts noted that due to its unique model, not just low-cost airline offers the most affordable prices on the market, but in General has an impact on the decrease in the average check other carriers on competitive routes are on average 20%. However, the airline managed to become the most popular carrier in the Russian market. The workload of the flight is 95% on average, and on most flights, and 100%: this is the highest rate among Russian scheduled airlines.

As said by the “Victory”, one of the main objectives of the airline is increasing the aviation mobility of Russians. The services of the airline for the first two years of flight used by more than 1 million people who previously do not fly on airplanes. The carrier expects further growth in this indicator and is going to develop the popularity of air transport, the Russians, and to increase the passenger traffic through the affordable fares and route network. So in 2017, “Victory” has lowered the minimum rate from 999 to 499 rubles rubles including all airport taxes and airline’s route network is unique by 38%.

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