Zuckerberg announced the impending restructuring of Facebook

The founder of social network Facebook Marche Zuckerberg in his speech on 12 January promised to make their product more socially oriented. And it’s not “oil-fired”. Studies have shown in recent time, the network was flooded with messages from businesses, brands and media, what prevents people from getting information from friends and relatives, which staged the original purpose when creating the service.

photo: AP

“We built Facebook to help people connect with each other, making them closer to those who mean so much to us,” said Zuckerberg, adding that the mounting of the relationship between friends and family ultimately makes people happier.

Recently, however, in the network is explosively growing public content, many times surpassing the record from the family members of the user and his friends.

“The balance of the news feed has shifted away from the important, that can make Facebook — to connect us to each other,” said Zuckerberg.

In this connection he announced that he intends to greatly change the construction of the network and give the task the team to focus on social interaction.

According to the founder of the network now public content from business brands and media become smaller, and the one that will appear will encourage the interaction between people. Zuckerberg expects that after this time users will spend on Facebook, they will be held more valuable than before.

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