Moscow restaurateur accused the police of extortion discounts on Lunches

The owner of the restaurant in the Metropolitan area Kuntsevo complained to the social network for local law enforcement officers. Sergei Mironov said that the police gave his school an unscheduled inspection, and then demanded to provide some discount cards of the restaurant.


As Mironov wrote at Facebook on Friday, December 12, “in the midst of the business lunch” in the restaurant the staff came to the police district of Kuntsevo. They checked the documents of the employees of the restaurant and took them to the Department for cooks, pastry cooks and bartenders, explaining that you need to check the documents in the database.

“On Friday. In the running time. No argument Manager that we have a full fit that we just can not continue to work, suffer terrible losses, we have unhappy guests… the Police was not touched, were all arrested and taken away,” – says Mironov.

According to him, along with the kitchen staff in the office went to the employee of the personnel Department, which had a long wait for an appointment with the management office. Later she was approached by the Deputy head of the Department and invited to his office.

“There he gently and with a noticeable superiority said: “You know, we have three discount cards for your restaurant on 50%”. He added: “Unnamed”,” – says Mironov.

Personnel officer immediately contacted the chief, and conveyed the wishes of the police, and received a task: to explain to the guards that you can’t do that, and at least offer a standard discount card.

“And 50%, sorry, too much. Some dues in kind. She did just that. What samomdele said, “you Know, it’s a gift from us is very important to people, so in the good ask and it will be worse!”. Well, what the personnel officer to respond to that?! The test continued…” – says the restaurateur.

Mironov said that all employees had the right paperwork but a few of meusic – they were “phony” check-in, and now women are deported. The remaining employees were released from office in the evening.

“Guys, restaurateurs, those who work in Kuntsevo, and what your relationship is with our own Department? I’m working in this area recently, only a year, so I don’t know yet, they are all such bribes? Or only I have that honor?” – concluded Mironov and asked friends to help with a repost. Among the comments to his notes are often of this kind: all right, we’re home.

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