Media: the case of the receipt by the employee of the TFR bribes from Shakro closed

Cleared of charges in receipt of CSS Deputy head of the TFR Alexander by Lamonova bribes from the “thief in law” Shakro Young. About it writes RIA Novosti news Agency with reference to sources in law enforcement bodies. Last summer Limonov sent a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

According to Tuesday morning, the RIA Novosti news Agency, the Federal security service dismissed the case on receiving the Deputy head of management of own safety of Investigatory Committee of Russia Colonel Alexander by Lamonova bribes from crime boss Zakhary Kalashov. The Agency said a source in law enforcement bodies.

“Against Lamonova discontinued business about a bribe from Shakro initiated in the summer of 2016. For him it recognized the right to rehabilitation”, — quotes Agency the words of the source.

Protection of the Colonel could not comment on this information. Lawyer Olga Lukmanova in conversation with reporters pointed to a subscription about nondisclosure.

Continues the investigation of the receipt by Lamonova bribes to facilitate the criminal prosecution authority Andrew Kochunov and release him from custody. For this reason, the Colonel continues to be in custody.

Last summer he wrote an open letter to the head of state, Vladimir Putin, in which he acquainted the President with his version of events and declared his innocence.

As reported by the media in early December, first Deputy head of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Moscow, General Denis Nikandrov, Deputy head of USB of the TFR Alexander Limonov concluded from the result of a pretrial agreement. It was reported that Limonov admitted his guilt.

Senior officials of the RCS of Limonov, Nikandrov and chief SSG SK Maksimenko was arrested in July 2016 suspicion that had the patronage of “thief in law” Shakro Young (Zachary Kalash).

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