Commentator Vasily Utkin told about the secret wedding with the model

Well-known sports commentator Vasily Utkin has published the episode of his personal life, which few people knew the journalist was married to a very beautiful girl.

photo: social networks

In an interview with Vasily Utkin told some of the details of his personal life. Is Utkin was married to the daughter of a military that did not have Russian citizenship.

“At some point I said, “marry me” – said the commentator. According to him, the wedding was modest, but the relationship did not last long — little more than a year. “We lived together in fits and starts — had no apartment, nothing < > It was a normal relationship, loved each other,” said Utkin, adding that soon took the decision to divorce.

He showed a photo of former wife: “She’s a model,” he replied to the remark of the journalist about the beauty of the former lady.

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