CSKA, “the locomotive” or “Spartacus” where we go “Zenit”

On the burial ground of the frames of the Russian national team in St. Petersburg was written in the past year not once, but at this time we will talk not about the transfer policy of “Zenith” as such, but about its consequences, which resulted in an urgent need for the whole group of players to think about changing the club, in which they receive less playing practice. And the number one problem — Artem Dzyuba. Even just yesterday was considered to be one of the most promising players of a national team player not just in arrears in Peter game minutes, but was banished in the offseason to take where the company will make him Oleg Shatov and Alexander Kerzhakov. It is obvious that the coaching staff at Artem not really counting.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Artem DZYUBA (“Zenith”)

The contract completion date: 30 June 2020

Estimated transfer fee: 6 million euros

Approximate salary per year: 3.5 million euros

One gets the impression that the pupil “Spartaka” in “Zenith” as if playing a child’s game, when the chairs that we sit down with the players after stopping the music, one less than the players. Playing and losing all the time. But it’s not that Artem lazy applies to this lesson or it time after time brings scoring instincts and he finds himself in the wrong place. It’s just not his game. Dzyuba in all teams of Premier League, in which he had a chance to play, showed good results only with the full confidence of the coaching staff and a guaranteed place in the starting lineup. Lottery get into the base not to him.

Forward, given the squad at Zenit, initially could not count on permanent residence in St. Petersburg-based and quite predictable wilted, and not being able to be either the main striker or leader of the team. It is unlikely that the purchase of Roberto Mancini in “Tosno” is similar to the Film type, but a younger Anton Zabolotny has a positive impact on playing time and prospects Artem that in “Zenith” in the Russian team. So the need to change the club in this case is beyond doubt. But where to go forward?

Options, speaking about the Premier League teams, really a lot. But it is in theory. In practice, all slightly different. Wild is experiencing a shortage of forwards CSKA, which, however, the money for the purchase and maintenance of such an expensive striker is not. But in conditions, when “Zenith” the film seems to be almost the fifth wheel, for the transportation of which in the trunk and have to pay a decent, blue-white-blue can stream CSKA striker on loan, but at the same time even to cover part of his salary that, in any event, relieve the payroll of residents.

Much more preferable to the player option would be the transition to the “locomotive”. Here, to the coveted League title is very close, and the rumors about the breakup of “railway” with Adair hinted that for the big striker will find a place in the squad even in the presence of recovered Ari. Another matter that “Zenith” hardly will agree to releasing the film into the camp of the main competitor in struggle for “gold”.

Most frequently among the potential new jobs for Artem was called “Krasnodar”. The club Sergey Galitsky Artem most likely would not get lost, although the bulls, judging by the first part of the season, found their best bunch of forwards Smolov — Klasson, both on the system “goal+pass” included in the top five in the Premier League. Initially spoke about the possible exchange of the headlights to Krasnodar on Smolov, but I guess this deal is not destined to take place. And to buy for real money forward “bulls” are unlikely even in the case of parting with their top scorer, who, they say, there is a demand in the English Premier League.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Another option, as paradoxical as it may sound, — “Spartak”. If the red-white will go after a striker from Cape Verde ze Luis in the English Brighton, team Massimo Carrera even if just for the kit and variability will need a great striker. Ordered the film back to Spartacus, parting with which Artyom managed to say a little more (including the address of the owner of club Leonid Fedun), is not known, but categorically to exclude such a scenario is just not worth it. Another thing is that Spartak fans have already Dzyuba jokingly called a “black mark”, it is only after his final departure from the team red-white have reached a long-awaited championship.

But given the options for a possible new place of employment Artem limited. It is unlikely that even theoretically it is necessary to consider foreign options. The striker, who this summer will turn 30, not best-selling goods on the football fair. And given the size of his salary, a substantial reduction which in this situation will not go, probably no older player, the situation does look a stalemate. But if you go back to not the most convenient for “Zenith” the option rent, in which blue-white-blue still part of the fee Dziuba will pay, it is not difficult to imagine a striker, say, in Ufa, where he would like to see Sergei Semak. Or at Arsenal. And maybe in “Tosno”. Hardly the ideal option for the player would be to transition to a dire need in the attacking Dynamo, based in his native Moscow, Artem. But, as in the case of conditional Ufa or Arsenal, a lot will depend on the player, who may not want to change the team that puts high sports goals.

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