“In the soul of every man — hussar”: Italian explained why he disobeyed Shakro

In Nikulinskiy court on Tuesday continued to interview key participant in the shooting on Rochdelskaya street Andrew Kochanova (Italian), accused of extortion of the large sum the owner of Elements restaurant Jeanne Kim. In the result of bloody clashes killed two people.

photo: mskagency.ru

Before the meeting, one of the defendants, a hidden barrier of the convoy, hard I swore at the inmate, putting him in his place. When the skirmish ended and the judge, the lawyers started questioning Kochanova. The accused said that when he arrived at the meeting place, he allegedly noticed a few suspicious persons “in the blue caps” at the restaurant Jeanne Kim Elements, where the shooting occurred.

Lawyers for a long time asked a similar wording and essentially the same questions. Based on the investigation record, they were asked about criminal activity Kochanova. That, as you might expect, is always answered in the negative and pleaded not believed.

Two hours after the beginning of the meeting, the interrogation began prosecutors.

– Why misikova (designer, which allegedly did not pay Kim — ed.) they actually invited you.

-I lost a son, her husband. Merged shower. With the guards she was not hurt, – has explained Kochunov, speaking softly and steadily.

The defendant said that in the beginning Edward Budantsev was quiet, but then showed a weapon.

-When you met with Kalashov?

About 20 years ago. I do not remember who introduced us. I know that he retired and engaged in business. Moscow – a city small. And in a narrow range all know who funded Joan Kim. And Zakhar Kalashov knows him well. That situation could arise as a result of the conflict with serious people. Because the amount of funny…

-What has happened to the Kalash?

– Fatima wanted serious people affected by the situation. To understand this, could Knezevic zakhariy (Shakro).

-When did you find out about investors Jeanne Kim?

– Fatima shared with me. Said that the restaurant has introduced the Armenian Diaspora. Kim then talked about the presence of an influential investor.

-As the Kalash were asked not to contact Jeanne Kim?

He said: “don’t.”

-Why did you disobey?

– In the soul of every man hussars. I am no exception. Decided to help Fatima.

-You surprised to see the Romanov in the VIP room? Somehow showed surprise?

Kochunov was secured with prosecutors. Other defendants leaping laughed at the question of the public Prosecutor.

The Italian spoke about a conversation with Jeanne Kim, and missed, as like, seven minutes. So much, in his opinion, lasted negotiations. While the restaurant did not appear Budantsev.

According to the results of Janna Kim offered three million.

The defendant told the court that the income received by the 20 trade objects purchased in the 90s.

-Quote the ancient On without guilt the presumption of guilt does not apply, said Kochunov under the curtain of the Prosecutor’s questioning.


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