“Russian Railways introduced discounts on export of diesel fuel and fuel oil “Rosneft” and “Bashneft”

– JSC “Russian Railways” introduces a 37% volume discount on export transport of diesel and fuel oil from Ufa stations Zagorodnyaya, Petrol, Novoufimsky at the station Avtovo-export (port station in the port of Saint Petersburg), Luga-export and Vysotsk export (service ports Ust-Luga and Vysotsk in the Leningrad region).

The decision adopted by the Board of Russian Railways (Protocol dated December 29, Wednesday publishes a corporate newspaper of the company).

The reduction factor will be applied to the condition of traffic in 2018 8.83 million tons a year of petroleum products and oil from the stations Zagorodnyaya, Gasoline and Novoufimsky – with the exception of export shipments of diesel and fuel oil at the station Avtovo-exporting country, the export and Vysotsk export, a minimum guaranteed volume of traffic which is set at 1 million tons.

Station countryside serves the enterprise “Bashneft-Ufaneftekhim”, Novoufimsky – “Bashneft-NOVOIL” Petrol “Bashneft-UNPZ”. In mid-October of 2016, “Rosneft” has received control over “Bashneft” bought of 50.08% of the company.

In addition, the Railways introduce a 18% volume discount on export transport of diesel and fuel oil from Novokuibyshevsk (Samara region), Kryazh (Samara), Casper (Syzran, Samara region) and Syzran-I. This reduction factor is valid under the condition of transportation in 2018 5.9 million tons of petroleum products and crude oil from Novokuybyshevsk, Casper, Ridge, Syzran-I in the year with the exception of diesel and fuel oil, which must be carried 4.69 million tonnes.

Station Ridge and located near the Novokuibyshevsk Novokuibyshevsk refinery of Rosneft, Casper and Syzran ‘ -I – near Syzran refinery of the same company.

Discounts will run for the whole of 2018, will come into force “in due order” (10 days after publication). “The implementation of the guaranteed volume of traffic should be fixed contractual obligations with the Railways,” said the company.

The right to vary the freight rates under the “price corridor”, “Russian Railways” in 2013 is Now the upper limit is set at “+8%” to the current rates, the lower the “minus 50%” for consignments II (basic) and III (high-yield) tariff classes without restrictions on the distance of transportation and “minus 14%” for goods I (low-income) tariff class within 3 thousand km.

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