Sneakers with built-in card was sold in Berlin for 180 Euro

The prosperous residents of Berlin have a day to stand in line for a special model of shoes — inside the Shoe sewn annual unlimited travel on urban public transport. Sale miracle shoes began on 16 January, and just on the counter in front of 500 pairs — to get them, have to suffer the inconvenience. The attraction of unprecedented generosity (sneakers almost five times cheaper than a ticket!) dedicated to the 90th anniversary of public transport. Is it possible know-how in the Moscow transport “MK” has learned from the expert.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Fashion buying (sneakers released in the creative collaboration of the Berlin transport complex and well-known company of sports shoes) was for residents of the German capital really attractive: sneakers with a built-in pass will cost 180 euros, and unlimited annual travel for transport would have had to buy for € 761. The ticket is valid until the end of 2018 the metro, trams, buses and ferries.

However, in order to acquire one pair of a limited batch of the miracle of the shoes had to be lined up.

According to the German newspaper Rbb24, 13.00 gathered more than 500 people, some of them reported the desire to buy new clothes on Saturday. Every few hours people were counted. All as in the late Soviet Union: those who are not noted during the roll call, from the queue to delete. Practiced, according to witnesses, and resale places in the queue. Someone brought portable chairs and tents waiting for food and drinks.

According to local media, the motives of all customers are different — someone buys sneakers in the collection, and someone is going to resell them at exorbitant prices.

New dress promises to be really convenient to pass in public transport, you only need to be shod. It is a mandatory condition if you wear sneakers in the bag or in the hands, the sensor on the ticket won’t work. Representatives of the transport complex of Berlin noted that the emergence of such modern technology — a special milestone in the development of the city (transportation system this year celebrates 90 years). Recall that Berlin is one of the recognized leaders in the development of modern urban planning and, according to experts, the appearance and manners of the inhabitants and form the portrait of the city.

As for our reality, Moscow is, probably, such innovations are not yet ready. As told “MK” Oleg Pikalev, member of the Moscow club of collectors of tickets until we have enough key chains and bracelets.

– I think these running shoes are popular among young people, among those who are 20-22 years. For an adult it is a bit overkill. Moscow is now implementing key rings with built-in travel, bracelets, rings… by the Way, we joked, saying that it lacked even shoes, travel to mount! Well, then, and in Berlin do not joke, – has shared his thoughts specialist.

Would it be possible to extend the “pass the boot” for the next year (the ticket will expire on 31 December 2018) are not yet known.

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