Soon the Earth will become uninhabitable for humans, experts said

After a few centuries climate changes will lead to the fact that the Earth will no longer be able to live in humans and other mammals. To such conclusion the international group of scientists representing the U.S. and the UK. Also, experts in the official report for the National Academy of Sciences of the United States presented other threat to humanity scenarios.


The researchers are convinced that even with the reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere or reduce the rate of global population growth, energy consumption will continue to increase, which in turn will contribute to climate change. Because of this, within two to four century air temperature globally, scientists are predicting will become too high for people and also other mammals and many other animals, could it survive.

In addition to global warming, according to experts, mankind is threatened by a nuclear winter, asteroids and even unexpected consequences of creating artificial intelligence.

With experts available in online library of preprints

Earlier, the British physicist Stephen Hawking suggested that in the future because of global warming the Earth will become a desert “a second Venus”, and in order to be saved, humanity must as soon as possible to colonize other planets. Soon the scientist commented on many other scientists, who in General shared the concerns regarding the physics of climate change, however, not fully agreed with his Outlook — in particular, the Russian specialist on global environmental disasters Alexey Karnaukhov expressed the opinion that at the current stage of humanity is quite able to prevent ecological disaster, and evacuation from Earth is not the only way to save people as a species.

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