Voluminous udders and strong feet: in Russia brought cold-resistant cows

A new breed of dairy cows that can Excel in milk production the most popular Holstein and black-and-white, brought scientists of Scientific-research and design-technological Institute of animal husbandry Siberian Federal scientific center of RAS agrobiotechnology.

photo: pixabay.com

As reported by “MK” at the Institute, a new breed called “Siberian” created by the method of complex reproductive crossing of local cows of black-motley breed with bulls-Holstein (breed, bred in Holland). The result is an animal familiar to the Siberian winter, the local food, but at the same time meeting the demanding conditions of industrial production due to the Holstein blood. Sibiryachka got tall, sturdy legs for a long stay in the stall, as well as the so-called technological, voluminous udder.

New breeds of animals are of good breed, the best growth and development. So, weight 18 month heifers is 424 kg, 20 kg greater than the mass of black-and-white relatives. Now about milk production. If black-and-white and Holstein breed separately was less than 6-7 thousand pounds of milk a year, the “Siberian” average fixed 7600 kg. Her milk by 0.03% has more protein than milk of black and white, but as for fat, it is 0.22% less than native breed.

Recently the expert Committee of the Ministry of agriculture, having considered the economic utility of the breed, allowed her to use and gave a recommendation for the inclusion of breed “Siberian” in the state register of breeding achievements. This will allow the producers to reproduce, to import, certify and implement a breeding material of the breed in the country.

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