Wife White not allowed on the court in a prison hospital

The first field meeting in the matter of ex-the Governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belykh took place on Tuesday in a hospital jail “sailor’s silence”. Such a relief to the accused made in connection with his deteriorating health. Now White won’t have 10 hours to spend shaking in a stuffy van in the way to the courthouse. However, the hearing failed to reach relatives of the prisoner and, particularly, his wife.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

-How do we get inside? asks white wife Catherine. – After the hearing open, but at the checkpoint “Matrosskaya Tishina” and refuse to let relatives and journalists.

The passage in jail, unlike in court — it is problematic and difficult. Here is a demonstration of the passport and the contents of the bag can not do. Do visit “places not so remote” in the free mode can only prosecutors, investigators and lawyers (the latter mainly on the electronic waiting list). Therefore, the courts of assize are rare. Why in Nikita Belykh Themis refused to wait some two and a half weeks until completion of treatment, is not clear (especially given the fact that in jail with him for months did not conduct any investigative actions). According to rumors, there is a solid plan to condemn White before the elections at any cost.

We will remind that last Friday the former Governor barely pumped when he became ill on the court, called an ambulance. Later in his life had to fight to keep prison doctors. It was decided that the judge will come to him in the detention center, so the load will decrease immediately and you will feel normal.

In fact, it just happened. On Tuesday morning the White felt fine. Glad that you don’t need to go anywhere and that justice will come to visit him herself. But the question arose — as to the court will get everyone?

In “sailor’s silence” under a temporary meeting hall was allocated by the former “Lenin’s room” in the administrative building (from hospital wards to him just a few steps). She has access to another small room that can be used as Advisory. In General, in this chamber “sailor’s silence” may well fit at least journalists and relatives.

In FSIN claim that if the judge is to apply for the admission on the hearing of specific persons, then the prison Department will let them. And trim only happened on the first day. Since no queries from anyone not received. Most worried about that are unable to attend the court of the wife of Nikita Yurevich. The girl stood for a few hours at the entrance to the Bureau of the gear:

-I very much hope that will start, Nikita has always wanted him were the people.

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