Is it possible to take revenge on the neighbor, scoring a potato in the exhaust pipe of his car

The second most popular method of revenge nasty neighbor in the yard of mythology is to score into the exhaust pipe raw potato or beets. Most effective, naturally, unanimously recognized podsypaya sugar in the gas tank. However, “sweet” myth is not tenable — neither practical nor theoretical, as we have already described in the publication “Sweet revenge” (“MK” No. 27578 of 22 December 2017). How are things going with “starch”, I find the portal “Avtosklad”.

The experience of trials with a variety of domestics, Scarecrow, we know they are all at more or less close examination, quite untenable. However, each of them has a lot of followers that will instantly flood you with angry objections: “I did it myself!”, “My friend is so disabled 412”, “a Friend told me that his brother told me that a man after such a fun car to overhaul passed”.

Only here picky clarification of the circumstances shows that all of these “experimenters” or “experimenters” is not something that I do similar pranks did not commit, but even some were not.

However, the variant with the clogged exhaust system with a potato at first glance looks very authentic. And the result sort is well known: in the best for the owner if it the car just stall and will not start to eject from the tube with a foreign object, and at worst it will fail the engine.

We decided to conduct an experiment and plug raw potato to the exhaust system of any vehicle. Suddenly it became clear that among the modern models are not so easy to find one that the old fashioned way “on the street” sticks out round old-school pipe. Even LADA Vesta SW Cross, which we had high hopes, got fashion decorative nozzles of rectangular shape with rounded inside edges.

Chery Tiggo 5 was more appropriate for our nefarious purposes. We managed to score the potato into each of its ports. By the way, with his bare hands to stuff it whole inside is not possible. And if you help yourself, say a sledgehammer, then it would violate the purity of the experiment. First, spontaneously matured revenge does not provide that the bullies run around the yard with hammers-age. Secondly, in the process of clogging can pokorezhit the pipe itself. And thirdly, having such an impressive tool, why not just strike the windshield is faster and easier.

So, Tiggo with a tightly sealed exhaust system without any difficulty started up and worked a bit at idle. And after a couple of taps on the accelerator pedal, the exhaust gases 136-horsepower engine is easily kicked us lovingly inserted the plug.

We were not satisfied, and went to a nearby Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon armed with a more solid unit under its hood hiding 284-horsepower 3.6-liter V6 Pentastar. There’s even a pedal to press had not intentionally stabbed a potato flew almost immediately after starting the motor.

In General, the root of our expectations not met and could not resist the gas attack. However, the domestic Kulibin recently made a few improvements to the technology and suggested that instead of potatoes pour into the tube foam. They say, it certainly will stand, will stifle and destroy. Well, maybe portal “Avtosklad” will test the strength of this myth.

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