“Russia rose to 62nd place in the FIFA rankings

It has improved its position in two lines

Photo: TASS, and Alexander Shcherbak

– Russian national team has improved its position in the ranking of the International football Federation (FIFA), the updated version of which is published on Thursday.

Now she is on the 62nd place, while the previous month was located the line below.

Heads a rating on-former the German team. In the first ten also there are Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, France, Chile.

The rivals of the Russian team in the group for the 2018 world Cup are in the following areas: 22.Uruguay, 30.Egypt, 65.Saudi Arabia.

The greatest progress in the rankings have achieved national team of Kuwait has risen by 15 places. Now it takes 174 th place. The most rapid drop was observed, the team of Suriname, descended to 32 lines. Now she is on the 160th place.

As you group the national team of Russia🇷🇺?#Ieremievich pic.twitter.com/m1mAFmkF0M

— #Ieremievich 🏆 (@fifaworldcup_ru) December 1, 2017.

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