Surprises “pole of cold”: the charred skeletons of cars and the bodies of the frozen people

One of the main “horror stories” these days, which feed the audience with foreign media, the story about the abnormal frosts which have covered Yakutia and difficult conditions for the survival of the local inhabitants. Photos and videos of people with frosted faces, with frozen eyelashes large “coral” frost, indeed, impressive, and make to rejoice those who escaped such a “gift from Santa”.


Photo: Maarten Takens.

However, among our fellow citizens meet the adventurers who are especially eager to get to the “pole of cold” it is at the peak of the winter cold. A few years ago, for example, three of the Moscow club members went on the road to Oymyakon, to celebrate New year there.

Such an original idea “generated” a longtime enthusiast and a recognized master of the trophy-raids Pavel Razin. He became the leader of the crew, which besides him includes Evgeny Belyaev, Eugene and Ice.

“In total our route from Moscow to the “pole of cold” and back stretches for 22 thousand miles and overcoming it took a whole month,” Paul told to the correspondent “MK”.

According to Razin, with such a serious and dangerous difficulties trofi-spot-check it for my previous car practice did not face. And the main problems have created is prohibitively cold.

Winter Siberian seriously gave themselves known even on the distant outskirts of Oymyakon, BAM: the mercury thermometer “cringed” to minus 47.

“Our “cool” imported SUV was simply not designed for this freezing cold: from failed heaters in the cockpit. I had to take a chisel to punch in the bottom of the jeep the hole and withdraw it through the air intake to the heater in the cabin.”

Another feature was waiting for auto travelers in the Kingdom of Santa Claus. Big trouble could result in each a more or less prolonged stopover. Just an hour and a half this car standing still in the cold for her bus “stiffened”, acquiring in addition, specific noticeable triangular shape. The knock on it with a wrench or pry bar frozen rubber spoke glass bell, and when you try sharply to touch a jeep with seats could easily go to pieces.

But if to these problems Jeepers were able to adapt, another surprise of the Siberian North could prove fatal.

“The cold began to freeze diesel oil, – later recalled Razin. – Had to use “know-how” of local Yakut drivers: the bottom of the machine where is located the fuel tank, covered by a layer of tarpaulin, making it well insulated from the cold air. But here is another, more radical way of dealing with the freezing of diesel fuel that have been shared by the natives appeared to us unsuitable. We were advised in the event the most severe frosts periodically to heat the tank on the outside with a blowtorch. However, we import jeep fuel tank was not made of metal but of plastic. On hearing this, the Yakut drove was genuinely surprised: “What these European designers crazy?”

Meanwhile, the onslaught of “rambunctious” Siberian Grandfather Frost was intensified. The thermometer went over the notes minus 50 degrees and continued to record further strengthening of the cold. When the cold diesel fuel is catastrophically lost its fluidity, refusing to feed diesel. The SUV is losing power, was crawling along the road at a snail’s pace. The upshot was that when the coveted “pole of cold” was only about a hundred miles, and before the new year – a few hours, the temperature outside dropped to minus 58 degrees, and the engine finally turned sour.

“Feel’s stall. And then the situation is critical. On someone else’s help can not count. Around – a deficiency, and in winter on the highway “Kolyma” in a normal place for 2 – 3 cars, and then the New year!.. As we were instructed Jeepers back in Yakutsk, to attempt to “revive” the engine on this cold useless. Not worth it, according to them, also try to find and cut wood to kindle a fire: during these searches, you can easily freeze to death. Therefore, local drivers in an emergency stop on a deserted stretch of highway burning tires of the car. One of the cars or the jeep burns about 40 minutes on the SUV subject to the refills there are only six… about an hour to warm up, if you set fire to the car itself. Anyway, enough of such life-saving heat for about four hours. If during this time no one passing by will not pass, so the sad ending for your travels… the stories of the aboriginal people in these places are often found on the side of the charred skeletons of cars and all of them turned into icicles people with absolutely sooty faces…”

Luckily Paul and his companions escaped such a sad fate. Their jeep could still get another couple of kilometers, and travelers lucky enough to get to some kind of base of road builders.

A desperate knock at the gate looked gloomy person, immediately assessed the situation and without further ADO handed the Muscovites key from a heated hangar, where there was building equipment, “Bask!” In the end, the New year, these three adventurers met among bulldozers and dump trucks in the company watchman and Stoker.

“The feast of the new year turned out truly “exclusive”. And the food was a match: “candy” from frozen completely cognac and champagne, and an appetizer – red caviar and fish…”

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