“The Ministry of culture responded to the accusations in the postponement of the release of “the Adventures of Paddington 2” the day before the premiere

– Distributors of the film “the adventures of Paddington 2” were warned in advance of its release on 1 February, but has started the presale of tickets for the earlier dates, which is illegal, said the Ministry of culture.

“Company “Volga” was informed in advance about the date of commencement of the release of the film “the adventures of Paddington 2″ from 1 February 2018. Distribution certificate issued by the specified film. Despite this, organized pre-sale tickets for the dates of the sessions in which the film could not be shown due to the lack of legal grounds, which is a gross violation of the current legislation of the Russian Federation”, – quoted in the Ministry of culture the journalists according to Deputy Minister Sergei Obryvalin on Thursday.

“The Ministry of culture expresses its sincere regret at the fact that the audience who bought tickets, have suffered from the wrongful and negligent actions associated with their pre – sales” – stated in the message of the Ministry.

On the eve of the company “Volga”, said that the Ministry of culture the day before the premiere postponed the release of the film “the adventures of Paddington 2” on February 1, due to the fact that it coincided with the release of “another film”.

This decision caused negative reaction of the film industry. In particular, the Association of theatre owners, believes the decision of the Ministry of culture on the transfer of the painting “the adventures of Paddington 2” a gross interference in the activities of the cinemas.

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