Whom the state Duma has allowed to not pay the transport tax

The idea of a tax Amnesty, referred to Vladimir Putin during his December press conference, the state Duma instantly — just a week — designed and adopted in three readings. For car owners, this means that citizens, law-abiding paying vehicle tax, left in the cold.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

We will remind that the law on tax Amnesty for citizens earned from 1 January 2018. According to him, the government will forgive the citizens of the approximately 150 billion rubles of tax debts. Car owners concerned in the sense that it will be written off all debts under the transport tax. It will happen automatically — just after 1 January in the personal Cabinet of the taxpayer on the website of the Tax service all debts and penalties for the transportation tax, formed by 1 January 2015, will take and will disappear. It does not matter why the person is not paid, could not, would not or simply did not know about the existence of the debt. Simply forgive without any conditions. Recall that the tax Amnesty like this, it was declared and before the last elections of the President of the Russian Federation in 2011. Then, however, the scale of “forgiveness” was several times less — only 36 billion.

If the one-time “pre-election gift” to the electorate is not what it says, it is the second Amnesty of tax debts just before the presidential election — this is similar to the system. Thus the authorities directly speak to all automobile owners of Russia: the transport tax you don’t pay before the next presidential election is still all will be forgiven and written off! And who law-abiding annually occlusive their money into the insatiable maw of the state budget just for the fact that he has to go — the fool and cash cow. As they say, “sucker foot”. And these car owners who can now safely consider myself a sheep designed for cutting dodgy government, actually in the millions. What all of us and congratulations.

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