“Door propped to run out”: a minute-by-minute picture of the attack on the Buryat school

Minute-by-minute picture of what happened Friday morning in the school №5 of the village of Sosnovy Bor, was able to recover “MK”. Some students have expressed yourself in an emergency situation as heroes.

photo: AP

It happened around 9.40 a.m. local time. From the seventh grade to the office on the third floor was a literature class.

– At first we did not even realize that the attack. The class rushed the guy threw some kind of bottle, it exploded, caught fire curtains. I started to panic and I take a moment managed to escape – told “MK” the seventh-grader Lera. But remaining in the class the boys then told me that this guy one girl pushed to the ground and hit her with an axe on the head. Another girl he stabbed in the face…

The smoke reacted to the fire alarm. Schoolchildren began to be evacuated from classes.

– We at first thought it was a drill, – says the guy from the 9th grade. But then to us in the class ran two disciples, they were covered in blood. The girl had severed fingers, and the guy was wound near the spine. “In our class was attacked by some lunatic!” – shouted the boys. We immediately got up from their seats and rushed into the corridor.

– Affected children are not told whether they were threatened, the attacker, maybe shouting something?

– The guys didn’t say they had a shock, the girl was crying. But I know that Andrew would like to say to seventh-graders to jump out the window, otherwise all promised to cut.

11th grader David is one of those students who are in a stressful situation, was frightened and rushed to help the wounded seventh graders.

When we all went to the door to the hallway, I saw a wounded girl, she was lying on the bench and held onto the cheek. Through her hand oozed blood. Around the girls were already at the school, he asked me to help. Together we pulled the girl into the street, where it already waited “fast”. By the way, before stepping into the street, I was asked to find some clothes to cover girl, because it was cold outside. And I gave her my jacket.

Guy recalls, while he along with the staff of the school took out the girl from above was heard screaming.

– I turned around and saw running with a hatchet down the corridor guy. It was Andrei. When we went outside, someone said that you need to keep the door, so he couldn’t run out. And we have a few guys propped the front door. Was kept up until the place came the military police. We entered the building after them. First I went to the office, there sat one of the teachers is clearly in a state of shock. She could not speak, although injured was not. I brought her water and went to the office where it happened. There on the floor lay a girl, that had severed toes. With her in the office was only her homeroom teacher. I called the medics.

– Saw Andrew arrested?

– The corner of my eye. He had been detained by members of the military police, the usual arrived late. He jumped from the second floor. Until the police ran to him to his twist, he managed to stab himself in the stomach.

By the way, according to the source, the first wound Russian language teacher received a bottle that was thrown into the class Andrew, the shell hit her in the head. Then the student attacked the teacher with an axe.

And Yes, Andrew: first of all it tried to break into the class of another teacher, but he was oriented and was able to close the door, adds another student.

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