Figure skating in Moscow, Medvedev returned beautifully, but lost Sagitova

The one who saw the first practice on the official ice of the European championship in our stars women’s singles skating, in the subsequent battle no doubt. And the battle of the “no outsiders”. Triple – no questions asked, cascades of triple – to, errors – removed from the training program. Medvedev and Sagitova shone on the ice. And got outright fun.

And this they must impose some kind of rivalry. We fanned the intrigue and reason to wonder who – who? Fifteen-year-old wonder skater Alina, and even confirmed reasonable ambitions and the growing power of talent titles won in the absence of Evgenia Medvedeva? Or – the award-winning and a sore loser eighteen-year-old Eugene, who early in the season with an injury, and then had time for a “time cast” to compete for Russia in the diplomatic field – having uttered speech to IOC members in Lausanne?

Who – whom, we are still itching. And Medvedev Zhenya and Alina Sagitova – and it really is simple and elegant doing your job. How to know how – that is phenomenal. As both taught coach Eteri Tutberidze.

Carolina Kostner, Maria Sotskova, Evgeny Medvedev, Alina Sagitova – in that order the draw has placed the strongest for the short program. The program, which asks “kink” – whether in the nervous system of athletes throwing themselves into the struggle, whether testing their strength: will give up or rush to win back the lost points in any program?

“Explanation no errors. It’s just a failure.” At the home European championship in Moscow after the execution it is a short program this mean and discouraging words were spoken by Vladimir Morozov, along with partner Evgenia Tarasova suddenly find themselves in fifth place in the speeches of the couples. And before that these same words could, but did not say, and Mikhail Kolyada Alexander Samarin by. But the newcomer to the adult European championship Dmitry Aliyev skated his program to a silver medal.

Carolina Kostner is a great worker and not a quitter fighter also performed a short program of brilliant 78,30. Masha Sotskova, with a small blot, got 10 points less, and there has been love judges to Carolina and the beginning of the path Mary.

Do not avoid blots and Eugene Medvedev – and a jump in two turns. But her skating was so sparing of emotions that you can exhale: the return of the champion took place. But the gap between Kostner minimum: 78,57.

And Alina Sagitova convinces the judges that this evening is the strongest – it: of 80.27! The tribune was delighted, which enhances the anticipation of any program.

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