Reminiscent of “Soviets”: the designer has evaluated a new form of the Russian Olympians

Stylists and designers are, to put it mildly, in shock from the just published sketches of the form for the Russian sportsmen on the Olympic games-2018. What’s wrong with this outfit “MK” says the designer Pauline Pavlyuchenko.


This form strongly resembles both the latest collection of Balenciaga and the so-called “Soviets”. The feeling that the author of the design was the desire to return to Soviet times. This is not a design, but an attempt to revive the Soviet Union through the sports form. It has no interesting design decisions, nor playing with silhouette. The emphasis is on the so-called “unisex”, that is, there is an equation to the average family.

The author of this dress – the designer of our Olympic shape.

Athletes will be deprived of gender in clothing and will remind “it”. It is a manifestation of tolerance to the West on the background of current trends to please someone? Only hope for the manufacturability of materials and the latest developments, though, most likely, it’s pointless, because what can you expect from a designer who has only previously done evening dresses, by the way, hell of the prices — from 150 thousand rubles and above. The only thing that will adorn this collection — reindeer-fawn hat.

The same collection Balenciaga.

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