Basketball coach of “Khimki” have crushed “Olympiakos” of his own methods

When you go “Olympiacos”, this is the event for the last 6 years – 4 finals of the Euroleague, including two victories. For “Khimki” is a special stimulus: deep in autumn 2017, the Moscow region team went to Greece in a great mood, just recently beating real Madrid on his site. And got minus 17. This was, I think, the beginning of a streak for the team of Georgios Bartzokas. It is clear that there are some objective reasons a series of injuries and heavy schedule, but how can you not believe in the mystical?

photo: BC “Khimki”

And now all came out mirrored. Beginning in 2018 for “Khimki” was spoiled by the same “real world” took a revenge at the Russian club Mytischi. Well, between games 12 and 18 January was super successful voyage to Belgrade (recall that there will be a “Final four” this season) to “Tsrvena zvezde”, which allowed me to kind of forget about real Madrid. Because “Oli” it is better to meet in a good mood.

But I must remind you, is still revered George bartzokas of fans from suburbs of Athens. In 2013, quite nbasketball London in the final match of the main European football tournament under his leadership, the Greeks defended the title, produced a year earlier. Then the coach went to Russia, but the concept has not changed: he likes to pay attention to defensive action, and always tried to instill that to all the clubs that Olympiacos, the Russian “locomotive” and “Khimki”. He often heard after the match that this component was made major mistakes.

On Thursday evening, the players in yellow-and-blue uniform deserve from your coach extremely kind words. In terms of installations, implementation, even the luck (and how not) it was probably the best match of the team this season. After 10 minutes, and the scoreboard showed frightening for the guests of the figures – 28:14. For them it is an unprecedented event, and “Khimki” generally the first quarter is so famously not carried out. Captain Swede with Jenkins and Thomas started smashing guests, Anderson, D. and Gill, the initiative supported. But the Greeks are not just theoretical: they were not allowed to leave “open”. The legend of the Greek basketball shooting guard Vassilis Spanoulis, who participated in all of the latest triumphs of the club, managed to score only 5 points. The Leader Of Khimki Alexey Shved – 19. The nice thing is that the desire congratulates Alexey with his birthday in December will be processed: on-site working at full force, not one of our point guard. Charles Jenkins, for example, scored 16 points and also was useful in other components.

“The success of our protection,’ said Charles after the game. Knowing Spanoulis great finds partners programs and Milutinov and Printezis played well. And from the start we took away from them the opportunity for open shots, the team played well in the rebounds Today we defended better than usual and is constantly aware of it.”

It had a real feast: the audience “Arena Mytischi”, to create a constant sell-out, already nervously laughed when the advantage of “hedgehogs” has reached a 32 – it was a knockout, as was evident when looking at steering Greeks Yannis of Sferopoulos. He tried to operate on time-outs, substitutions, but it was too late. 82:54 – the end of the evening. The owners now 11 wins and seventh place (from going the third “real” – 12 successful matches).

“We played kept the concentration, the attack was found open space and showed a good percentage of hits. From the victory looked easy, but in the locker room I told the players that Olympiakos never gives up and will fight to the end. Only now it didn’t happen tonight…”

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