Danish area on 20 and 21 January

20 JAN

Day Of The Republic Of Crimea.

1648 — founded the French Academy of painting and sculpture.

1893 — at London’s Royal institution, James Dewar demonstrated the vessel for storage of liquefied gases.

1938 — “the Truth” for the first time called the USSR “the hope of all progressive humanity.”

1953 — made the first flight of the Intercontinental strategic jet bomber M-4, Vladimir Myasishchev.

1958 — the first radar control speed of cars is set in London.

21 JAN

World snow day.

The world day of religions.

International hug day.

The day of the Engineering troops of Russia.

1763 — Catherine II approved a plan to create an orphanage for orphans, foundlings and other rootless kids.

1793 — by the decision of the Convention executed Louis XVI.

1908 — in new York, under penalty of a fine of $ 25 women are forbidden to smoke in public places.

1918 , the VTSIK adopted a decree about cancellation of state domestic and foreign loans of the tsarist and Provisional governments.

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